Friday, April 13, 2012

How to Format Your Pc

(Formatting a Pc is to delete all the data that currently is on your Computer and upgrade it to a newer version of an operating ideas or install the same operating ideas once again on the same computer.)

A virus has intruded in your Pc or you want to upgrade from your older versions of Windows, you will have to format your Pc. Formatting your Pc can sometimes be a very tough process if you do not have the proper knowledge.

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There are many benefits of formatting such as: Faster Computer No Virus etc.

How to Format Your Pc

But there are some disadvantages too: You lose all your data You have to install all your favourite software once again.

Now, lets start the process of formatting a Pc.

First of all, you will need a bootable disk of Windows Xp to boot your computer from the disk. Warning -- Please backup all your data before you format your Pc.

The process of formatting is as follows:

1. Insert the Windows Xp bootable disk in the Cd drive.
2. Restart your Pc (if it was already running).
3. Press enter when the monitor reads Press Any Key.
4. Now comes the time to partition your drives.
5. If you want to delete any partition, press D or L(whichever is displayed on the screen).
6. Afterwards format the drive you want to install the operating ideas (Xp) in.
7. Press Enter.
8. The formatting will start.
9. Succeed the procedures. 10.It should take nearby 40 minutes for the premise to finish. 11.Use windows(Have A Good Time).

How to Format Your Pc

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