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How to Write a Newspaper report quickly and Easily!

Articles in a newspaper are quick and to the point, not infused with a whole lot of personal opinion or evaluation, and tend towards the facts plain and straightforward as you can possibly imagine. This style may not seem like a lot of fun to write, but it is one of the most foremost types of stories and writing skills that you could possibly have. After all, newspapers employ more writers than any other writing industry, and even most clubs who are not in the writing commerce will look to hire population for writing newspaper articles. So, if you're a writer, then you need to learn how to write a newspaper narrative quickly. And if you need to learn how to write newspaper narrative quickly, then consequent this straightforward guide.

All good newspaper articles start off with a good headline that will entice the reader to consequent up and read the whole article, so it would be remiss of me not to cover the basics in this how-to guide for writing newspaper articles. The type of headline will likely be carefully by your placement in the newspaper if you write for a bodily product, so make sure to have plentifulness handy. If your narrative is to appear on the cover, something enticing will work well, however, if you're stuck on the inside pages, you need to stick to the facts and write a more generic title. Your title also might need to be shortened depending on what kind of space has been allotted for your article. For online magazines and publications, you should find a more enticing title that will tell them about the key idea of your article, but mention that it contains a "surprise" or a "secret." These two words drive more clicks than you can possibly imagine, and work very well for driving population to your articles.

Health Care Reforms

For the body of the article, you need to find some good quotes from interviews. Nothing brings population in like quotes. It will make your narrative more personable and give it a human quality, plus it allows you to break the flow of facts.

How to Write a Newspaper report quickly and Easily!

There should be no more than three sentences per paragraph. If you have more to add about a particular topic, you should revisit it after a relevant quote or at the end of the article. Your narrative will be cramped into a projection and put in thin columns, so writing with short paragraphs will look more provocative and readable. Most population forget this, and will write long and provocative paragraphs, full of information, but will wonder why so many population skip reading them.

The last thing you need to know about how to write newspaper articles is that your narrative should contain a picture. Words are less grand than a picture, and a provocative picture will make or break your readability. Without a picture, your narrative looks dry and unimportant. With a picture, you will suddenly gain notoriety and visibility.

If you consequent those straightforward steps, then you will have learned the basics of how to write a newspaper article, and you can write a newspaper narrative swiftly and easily. If you want to learn how to make some money with your newspaper articles, then click here to learn how to make money with your newspaper articles.

How to Write a Newspaper report quickly and Easily!

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11 Cost recovery Ideas For Your enterprise

Many businesses are being asked to cut cost and save money within their current operations. And in today's world market it is even more prominent than ever to find way to heighten the company's lowest line, many are being asked to cut costs or better yet, growth productivity and efficiency and lower cost at the same time. Here are 11 cost saving ideas to consider.


Health Care Reforms

One of the top customer inquiries and complaints is "Where is my backorder?" The backorder not only costs customer aid the time to retort the inquiry, it also costs to ship the goods once it arrives in the distribution center. With the cost of a backorder ranging from to per backordered unit of merchandise, it doesn't take long for them to add up and those costs come right off the lowest line. Analyze backorders and heighten the accuracy of list forecasting. The Roi occurs for a more advanced forecasting principles in 12 to 18 months based on discount in backorders and improved turnover. customer order fill rate should be reviewed and improved without being out of stock or overstocked. Example of backorder costs: A typical catalog with a 20% backorder rate averaging two items per order processed 200,000 orders for a total of 400,000 units of merchandise. Calculated at 20%, 40,000 customer orders had backorders. Estimating backorder cost on the low end at .37 per order, the catalog will have to suck up 4,800 to make up for backorders.

11 Cost recovery Ideas For Your enterprise

Contact Center

Product training and company Policy
Product training is becoming a complicated undertaking as merchants are constantly searching for new product. With multi-title, multi-channel and a large breadth of Sku's available, retention agents informed of the latest goods facts is a challenge. Touch centers that provide regular goods training straight through an established formal training schedule benefit when the customer places an order. Agents who are not well trained on the goods will have to ask for assistance which can lengthen the call time. Large centers have a full time trainer. Social facts shows that Cabela's, the world's largest outfitter, has 235,000 Sku's online. Along with goods training and goods information, communicating prominent messages to agents is a must. Providing pop-up windows to agents at login time provides an effective transportation tool to relay facts on question products and prominent company meetings. Using online features for customer company policies provides easy and fast way for agents.

Agent Scheduling
Scheduling agents in the customer Touch center can be a very complicated task. Touch centers do a good job setting a schedule based on projected call volumes and filling the schedule with available agents, but what happens afterwards? This is where a gap occurs in the middle of the schedule and what surely happened. Take time to recap the customary schedule against the actual volume of calls and agents that worked. This uncomplicated task will provide insight into effectiveness of the schedule. The Roi on scheduling software shows that those that have it see their costs lowered.

Call Monitoring
Monitoring agents and providing feedback on a regular basis is necessary to maintaining optimum operation in the Touch center. It also provides an chance for supervisors to hear what the customer is saying and how the agent interacts with the customer. The use of monitoring is helpful in determining agents strengths, weaknesses and total efficiency. Monitoring feedback by the supervisor can be used for operation recap to growth productivity. Monthly call monitoring by supervision and merchants is a great way to stay in tune with the customer.

Universal Agents
Universal agents, those that can retort order calls, retort to emails and cope customer aid functions are an asset to your organization. These agents are capable of switching tasks as the workload requires maximizing their productivity. Utilizing universal agents, particularly at off-peak times, reduces the need for dedicated agents. A mix of universal and dedicated agents within the Touch center provides a balanced workforce that reduces costs and increases efficiency. The use of universal agents makes it tough to track actual work performed and costs associated with each task for benchmarking purposes.


An ongoing schedule of determining the literal, picking slot locations is a must. Notice should be given to goods velocity (sales) and size (cube) in placing it in the pick line. Having as a goal the storehouse of at least one weeks median unit movement in the pick slot along with providing a collection of slot sizes should be a key focus.

There are many picking methodologies to choose from, batch picking, zone picking, pick and pass, pick to cart and pick to box just to name a few. By analyzing the type of goods and the type of orders (single vs multi), the most effective pick path processing can be created reducing travel time. Separating fast movers from slow movers and establishing a "Hot Pick" area for highly fast movers should be considered. Picking rates range 115 to as high as 180 units per hour.

If you are not doing pick to box does your principles have the quality to decree the box size for the packer? Is the pack center clean, neat and ergonomically setup? Is the standard dunnage inserted into each box? Where is the pack verify performed? These are just a few of the questions to look at when analyzing the pack area. Remember, presentation to the customer is as prominent as getting the shipment out of the door quickly. Packing rates median 35 to 40 per hour.

Inbound Freight
Inbound freight is one of the most overlooked areas for necessary cost discount in many companies. Multichannel fellowships often spend from 2% to 4% of gross sales on inbound freight. Most victorious fellowships who have paid concentration to inbound freight view inbound freight supervision as controlling list in transit. Since list is, in many cases, your largest asset, the supervision of this asset is necessary to your company success. There is a growing trend to use freight get rather than prepaid freight. Inbound freight should be bid out competitively often. Tracking inbound freight receipts and scheduling frees up the dockyard and provides the chance to schedule receiving personnel when needed.

Outbound Freight
One of the largest cost items that is always a customary target for cost discount is outbound freight. With shipping carrier increases in the range of 3% to 5% annually, this is the first area to get questioned, "What can we do to cut our shipping charges?" In a typical list company, outbound freight ranges 8% to 12% of net sales. Competitively bid out outbound freight often to ensure the best pricing. Combining inbound and outbound freight with one carrier may furnish savings. Many multi-channel fellowships use shipping and handling charges to offset the cost of outbound freight and box handling. Some have grown dangerously close to 20% of net sales.

Benchmarking - Kpi's
Benchmark, benchmark, benchmark. The best indication of how your operations is performing is straight through benchmarking. By developing a set of consistent and measurable Key operation Indicators (Kpi's), you can measure your costs, productivity and efficiency. Once you've completed and analyzed your existing operation, you will want to assess yourself to standard commerce benchmarks. You want to avoid using general commerce averages as those won't be definite to your company in goods type, size and customers. Many fellowships are utilizing supervision reporting online for necessary Kpi's for Touch center and fulfillment. You can't heighten activities which have not been measured.

11 Cost recovery Ideas For Your enterprise

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Physician Shortage and Health Care Reforms - 6

Physician Shortage and Health Care Reforms - 6 Tube. Duration : 5.23 Mins.

Dr. Lori Heim, MD, FAAFP Laurinburg, NC President-elect American Academy of Family Physicians

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What is Liberal Feminism?

Liberal Feminism has been called the mainstream form of feminism out of all the sub types.

It is said that liberal feminism is an individualistic form, concentrating on women having the capability to enounce their equality through being responsible for their own actions and choices.

Health Care Reforms

The ideology of the liberal feminist is that women will transform society, through their own personal interactions with the opposite sex.

What is Liberal Feminism?

The liberal feminist believes "All women are capable of asserting their capability to perform equality, therefore it is possible for change to happen without altering the buildings of society."

The liberal feminist also believe that the equality of men and women can only be achieved by changes being brought through political and legal reform. They want the eradication of institutional bias and implementations of fairer laws towards women.

Some of the main issues of liberal feminism include reproductive and abortions rights, sexual harassment, voting rights, education, affordable childcare and affordable health care.

The United States liberal feminists campaign for the ratification of the Equal rights Amendment and the Constitutional Equity Amendment. They want to ensure that men and women are treated as equals under the democratic laws that influence and govern women's lives.

They also bring to the forefront the issues of sexual and domestic violence perpetrated against women.

Other issues that the liberal feminists recognize are disability rights, ecofeminism, family, marriage equality, mother's prudent rights and media activism.

Writers of liberal feminism, Mary Wollstonecraft and John Stuart Mill were publishing within the first wave of feminism during the nineteenth and early twentieth century.

The second wave of feminism during the 1960's to 1970's produced liberal feminist writers such as Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem and Rebecca Walker who is one of the third wave's liberal feminist's writers.

Critics of liberal feminism say, "Individual assumptions make it difficult to see ways in which basal communal structures and values disadvantage women."

They state that even if a woman is no longer dependent on an private man, they will still be living in a patriarchal state. Thus institutional changes alone are insufficient to give women equality in society.

The liberal feminist has also been criticised added for being based on white, middle class women's issues. It was noted that they had ignored the plight of other women of distinct races, cultures or class.

What is Liberal Feminism?

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Shattering Change: One year with Obama as it was

Shattering Change: One year with Obama as it was Tube. Duration : 3.95 Mins.

Obama's first year in office has received mixed reviews across the board including praise for his peace initiative and the handling of the financial crisis. However, a large number of the population have criticized the first African-American president over ongoing US wars and health care reforms, to most recently, his inability to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center.

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Joe Wilson Vindicated - Obama DID LIE About Health Coverage For Illegals

Joe Wilson Vindicated - Obama DID LIE About Health Coverage For Illegals Tube. Duration : 5.05 Mins.

As Nancy Pelosi said, "we have to pass the bill to find out what's in it". Well, at least she didn't lie about it in that statement. However, when Joe Wilson challenged Obama and stated "you lie" because of Obama's claim that his health care reforms would "not apply to those here illegally", he was slammed for challenging that claim and forced to apologize. Now the bill has passed and we get to see the truth. The bill provides coverage to migrant and farm workers, but medical centers WILL NOT be allowed to ask about the immigration status of those patients, which means that illegals WILL, without a doubt, be receiving coverage from ObamaCare! Obama DID "lie" about it! Just one more nasty little suprise exposed in Obama's unconstitutional "affordable" health care reform.

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Nurses & healthcare reform

Nurses & healthcare reform Video Clips. Duration : 6.15 Mins.

Luann Long, president of the Hawaii Nurses Association, says healthcare reforms must address the nationwide shortage of nurses which has been fueled, in part, by retirement and injuries while on-the-job. Long also noted that the average age of nurses is rising. She was a featured speaker at Congressman Neil Abercrombie's Healthcare Community Forums in Honolulu. Abercrombie was gathering input from the community, as Congress moves to adopt healthcare reforms.

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Vending Machines Won't Make You Money!

I know some of you running a vending enterprise are reasoning is this guy off his rocker? Vending machines do make money, they're a 24-hour laborer that never sleeps, eats or asks for a raise. And to an extent you're all definite but has it ever occurred to you that the vending engine is only your tool of choice to earn your living? building workers use a hammer, truck drivers use their truck, and venders use their machines.

So what's the point? The point is the type of engine your using isn't the be all end all of your business. The first vending engine sales man I ever encountered was selling a new develop of Bulk candy machines. The kind you'd see in a department store or mall. He preached about the increase in sales his clients were seeing, but the cost of the machines was astronomical. I asked him a easy query about how a engine could increase sales, and voila I had found the hole in his pitch. It can't, if a engine has M&M's in it and accepts quarters whether an older style or newer type of engine has the inherent to close the deal.

Health Care Reforms

So what makes you money in the vending business?

Vending Machines Won't Make You Money!

The magic ingredient is you! A easy scenario, you have three snack machines. You pay a locating enterprise to place these machines, and you run nearby town collecting money and re-filling them. After about 6 weeks of doing this you realize that the whole you gain each week is barely worth it for the running nearby you do so you resolve to sell the machines and chalk it up to the vending business just wasn't for you.

With this example you're involvement in the enterprise is more or less an employee. You'd be doing the same thing with the same level of involvement if you worked for the large vending enterprise in your town. How can you turn this around? Simple, your vending businesses success depends on you. Your job is to place machines, and contribute the best buyer assistance possible. Are the engine placement company's interests in you? Nope, they get paid whether your machines make money or not, the profitable accounts are dug up from your hard work, networking, and sales abilities.

So what more can you do to have your best shot at success?

Don't use a placement enterprise to get locations. It's not the nicest part of the job, but all things is sales. You need to network, watch new businesses tantalizing in, new developments. Let every person know the enterprise your in, you never know who's office is having strangeness with their current supplier, or who's brother is tantalizing to a new office down the street.

Take care of the accounts you have. It can be easy to come to be complacent with your current accounts, you have them, each week there's money in the engine you fill it back up and away you go. Remember your best inventory is your competitor's whole one prospect. All the time interact with employees at your locations, find out if the location is satisfied with its mix of product in your machine. Let them know who you are, leave your feel info on your machine.

Last but not least All the time look professional. Remember what you're supplying may not be the most important part of a fellowships inputs, but there are also others that can do it. By handling yourself and appearing pro in dress and behavior you increase the chances of earning referrals to new locations, new machines at current locations, and decrease turn over. It's All the time less costly to keep a buyer then to gain a new one!

Vending Machines Won't Make You Money!

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American Wealth vs. Third World Poverty

The United States is undeniably the richest and most marvelous nation ever on the face of the earth. The gross domestic goods (Gdp) of the U.S. Is larger than the next two biggest economies combined, which in China and Japan. The U.S. Economy outproduces the combined economies of over forty-seven poor nations, which account for 53 percent of the population of the world. These forty-seven nations consist of China and India. But on an personel scale, just how does the wage of the mean American compare to the mean wage of the poor of the world?

In 2000 the per capita wage of the U.S. Was 360 percent higher than the world's mean per capita wage (Cpi). The U.S. Boasted a Cpi of ,100 while the mean world Cpi was ,410 (measured in international dollars). This does not give an literal, photograph because the world's mean Cpi includes the U.S and the other wealthy nations of Europe. Therefore, lets look at the 56 percent of the world's population who consist of the world's poor.

Health Care Reforms

According to statistics from the World Bank, 56 percent of the world's population lives in extreme poverty. They survive on an wage of less than 0 per year or per day. Half of the worlds poor who consist of 28 percent of the world's population live on or less per day. In comparison, the mean American earns from 46 to 92 times more than the poverty stricken comprising over half the world's population.

American Wealth vs. Third World Poverty

If you are like me, you might say but things are so much Economy in poverty stricken countries. Yes, many things are Economy but we now live in a global market. Food is an international commodity. The cultivation of third world food is normally much more labor laberious and is often more high-priced than food grown on America's mechanized farms. Yet, American's spend and mean of ,400 per year per man on food and beverages. That 365 percent more than the total mean wage of over half the population in the world.

Accounting for every man, woman and child in the U.S., Americans spend an mean of .20 per day on cosmetics, perfume and skin and hair care products; over .50 a day on jewelry; nearly on furniture and other household goods; over per day on clothing; gambling totals practically per day; over a day is spent on automobiles and trucks; and over on food. Americans simply live a lifestyle that is beyond imagination for most of the poor in the world.

The Bible describes a nation called Babylon. Revelation 17 and 18 say that Babylon will be destroyed. God says that this destruction is his judgment on the nation. Revelation 18 clearly describes Babylon as the richest nation on earth. It is the nation to whom the merchants of the earth sell their goods. The U.S. Is the largest importer in the world. In 2000, the U.S. Imported .867 trillion in goods and services. Americans need to repent and turn back to God.

American Wealth vs. Third World Poverty

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01-13-12 2 - A Healthy Debate, with Nicole Lamoureux - Countdown with Keith Olbermann

01-13-12 2 - A Healthy Debate, with Nicole Lamoureux - Countdown with Keith Olbermann Tube. Duration : 7.45 Mins.

01-13-12 2 - A Healthy Debate, with Nicole Lamoureux - Countdown with Keith Olbermann

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Tuesday Talks: Health Care Reform Implementation

Tuesday Talks: Health Care Reform Implementation Tube. Duration : 27.65 Mins.

Nancy-Ann DeParle, Director of the White House Office of Health Reform, answers your questions on the implementation of health care reforms contained in the Affordable Care Act. November 23, 2010.

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Clyburn says GOP trying to "rev up their base" with talk of health-care repeal

Clyburn says GOP trying to "rev up their base" with talk of health-care repeal Video Clips. Duration : 3.10 Mins.

Rep. James E. Clyburn, DS.C., says he doubts Republican leaders will be able to repeal health-care reforms when new Congress convenes Jan. 5.

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Did God speak a Curse on the White House For 2012?

This report first appeared 31 Dec. 2007. It was last updated Oct. 15, 2011. The 2007 date is foremost in order to show that it was essentially an strict prediction, even with updates, some of which are called to your attention with [brackets].

Will Elijah & Elisha Purge Washington of Corruption?

Health Care Reforms

In Old Testament time, Elijah was part of a movement to purge the two governments of Israel and Judea. Over 1,000 leaders were dead by the time the purge ended.

Did God speak a Curse on the White House For 2012?

In Malachi, we read that an end-time ministry of Elijah's would repeat just before the return of Jesus Christ. We are told that a ministry of an end-time Elijah would be needful in order to save the nation. If our end-time Elijah were to fail, God would give up on the United States and destroy it.

Are we to understand that an end-time Elijah and an end-time Elisha will clean up Washington Dc in order to prevent God from destroying the United States?

It is true that corruption is out of control at this time in American history. And, leaders are not taking serious performance to control whether corruption or themselves. On the contrary, they are avoiding serious action. They like things just as they are.

Can we seriously believe in an end-time Elijah?

Everything in this report is a prediction. But, this report contains thriving predictions that are based on in-depth Bible study.

For example, in 1991 this same study successfully unbelievable the determination of an unknown candidate named Bill Clinton to the presidency in 1993. At the same time it unbelievable the hereafter position of his wife, Hillary Clinton, in the White House. She need not be president.

That was 16 years ago. Those thriving predictions demonstrate the accuracy of this singular Bible study. This same study has also revealed a arrival purge of hundreds of government leaders in the Us and the death of the British prime minister. The purge would end in 2015 or 2016.

This Bible study compares our contemporary world to the antique world. It assumes that history repeats itself. As a matter of fact, it predicts that history will repeat itself roughly exactly. The United States and Britain are about to repeat history.

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. G. Santayana, philosopher

This Bible study draws a parallel between the Government of the United States and the government of antique Israel, which had its capital in Samaria. We would say that Samaria became Washington Dc. At the same time this study draws a parallel between the Government of Britain and the government of Judea, which had its capital in Jerusalem. We would say that Jerusalem became London.

There was a time span of 22 years during which wicked King Ahab ruled Israel. If dates by historians were dependable, we would correspond that span of time with 1989 to 2012. Jezebel, the treacherous wife of Ahab, reined for a few years after Ahab died. [Since God would shorten time in the end time, we might form the end of end-time Jezebel to be 2015 or 2016.]

Inset-At this point, I hate to confuse the reader with technicalities. If you are a casual reader, just skip over this inset. Ahab's reign corresponds to two overlapping presidential reigns. One reign is the Bush family reign, which was from 1989 to 2008. The other reign is the Clinton/Hillary reign, which will have been from 1993 to 2012. Hillary would continue past 2012, because Jezebel continued to reign after Ahab died.

Timelines indicate that God activated Elijah 3 years into the reign of Ahab. That corresponds to 1991. So, the end-time ministry of Elijah would be a 22-year span from 1991 to 2012. End-time Elijah is one of God's Two Witnesses. So, the ministry of God's Two Witnesses would usually have been from 1991 to 2012. However, they would continue after 2012 because Elijah would perfect his ministry straight through the Two Witnesses. (When God took Elijah to Heaven, it was to metaphorically interpret that the ministry of Elijah was postponed until the end of time. In the end of time, Elijah would return from Heaven in order to continue his ministry.)

After the ministry of Elijah, God continued to destroy the dynasty of Ahab and Jezebel straight through the ministry of Elisha. The end-time ministries of both Elijah and Elisha would deal with corrupt leaders in the governments of the United States and Britain.

The sons of Ahab ruled for some years after the death of Ahab. In other words, corrupt presidents would continue after 2012. (We need to give some leeway for dates because historians give different dates for Ahab and his sons.) The end of Jezebel and her evil sons could correspond to a forces coup in 2015 or 2016.

Read your Bible to ascertain upcoming events straight through comparison. Queen Jezebel continued Ahab's dynasty after Ahab died in battle. But, she was not a monarch because Ahab's sons reigned as kings. You can read in the second Book of Kings about the end of Ahab's family dynasty and how God used an army commander named Jehu to restore a pro-God government.

There could be more than one Us Army normal who shares identifying characteristics with normal Jehu. Two possibilities could be normal Colin Powell and normal David Petraeus because they were in war, Queen Elizabeth knighted them, they are pro-God and whether of them would jump at a opening to come to be a president of the United States, even if the position were not achieved straight through the normal determination process.

Sometime in 2015 or a following year, two Us Army Generals could intervene in Washington Dc in order to save the Us Government. The assent of end-time Jehu would not be by normal determination procedure, and it would be called a forces coup in our time. The strict identity of end-time Jehu, along with the year of their coup, will come to be clearer as the event draws near.] -Inset End

Why did I choose the year 2012 as a transitional year? That would be the year that Jesus Christ would begin to save the Government of the United States by eliminating presidents that were too corrupt. The year 2012 was in case,granted by prophecy timelines that were encoded into the Washington Monument and our National Seal by America's Christian Forefathers. Those timelines give the dates of end-time events affecting the governments of the United States and Britain.

In the 22 years that lead up to 2012 Ad, government decisions and policies are comparable to those decisions and policies of wicked King Ahab and his treacherous wife Jezebel.

British Prime ministers are compared to righteous King Jehoshaphat. This is a very convenient comparison. Jehoshaphat had only one vice that God was angry about; Jehoshaphat linked with Ahab and Jezebel. In the end-time, we would say that Prime Ministers John Majors and Tony Blair had only one fault that angered God. They linked with American presidents.

God cursed roughly all things that Ahab and Jezebel did. Jehoshaphat could only lose by joining Jews to Israelites. Today, we would say that British prime ministers could only lose by thoughprovoking their nation with the ventures of American presidents.

As of 2007, Great Britain has had righteous leadership in the eyes of God. But, British leadership will change. That turn is not thorough to God. And, He is going to do something drastic about it [probably in 2015 or 2016].

History of the Masonic Calendar

If we were to seriously compare Old Testament Israel to the United States, we would terminate that there is now a curse on the nation's leadership.

The Forefather's Prophecy Calendar identifies the year 2012 as the time of the end of Elijah's work. Elijah's work was generally about the purging of corrupt Ahab. So, Elijah's 22-year ministry ran parallel to the 22-year reign of Ahab. In order words, we would expect end-time Ahab and his evil sons to die sometime between 2012 and 2015 Ad. [We use some leeway with dates because historians give different dates.]

The span of years of the curse on the White House and 10 Downing road is understood with the aid of a divine calendar of events that God had created before He created the Earth. In my opinion, the history of this fantastic timeline is the history of Freemasonry.

Enoch discovered this magical calendar of events. Enoch might have been the first Freemason, other than God Himself. Enoch drew the timeline onto paper as an architectural drawing. Like Elijah, Moses, Daniel and John, Enoch has an end-time ministry in the bodies of the Two Witnesses of God.

Bible students have long debated about the identities of God's Two Witnesses. Some say that one is Enoch. Some say that one is Moses. Some say that one is Elijah. And they could also be Daniel and John because those two prophets were told that they would prophecy again in the end time.

The truth is that all these citizen reappear in the bodies of God's Two Witnesses. You might ask why Enoch, of all people, would reappear in the bodies of God's Two Witnesses. It is Enoch's magical timeline of end-time events that reappears with God's Two Witnesses.

This antique drawing is being used by God's Two Witnesses to understand end-time prophecy. With the aid of Enoch's timeline, they are able to write books that unseal prophecy and provide dates of end-time events for Christian readers.

Although Enoch was the one to put the divine calendar onto paper as an architectural drawing, others used the drawing to build monuments. The Great Pyramid was the first Freemason monument to God that we know of. Job could have been a genius who used Enoch's drawing to understand the Great Pyramid. The way that God spoke to Job indicates that Job was an architectural genius. The actual construction of the Great Pyramid might have been done by yet other genius at a prior time.

Regardless, the divine calendar was encoded into the Great Pyramid. That is why the Pyramid has prophetic abilities. One might think that the Great Pyramid is just a pile of rocks. Some experts say that it is fantastic that antique man was thoughprovoking sufficient to make a pile of rocks. The truth is that the Great Pyramid is by far mankind's most achievement. It required far more genius than the trip to the moon required.

Mankind might be a thousand years away from developing a computer that could tell the hereafter in the way that the Great Pyramid has for 5,000 years. For example, it is fantastic that the inventor of the Great Pyramid knew that an American president (who turned out to be President George Bush Ii) would sign papers to begin the War on Terrorism on exactly September 17, 2001. That date had mystified Egyptologists for two centuries.

Another way of stating this phenomenon is that today's most fine computers cannot match the computing quality of a pile of rocks that was assembled 5,000 years ago.

We never cease to stand like thoughprovoking children before the great strangeness into which we were born. -Einstein

The craftsmen who created the Tabernacle of God used the same architectural drawing that was used to construct the Great Pyramid. Moses was given divine insight with which to supervise construction of God's Tabernacle. This is why it is said that Moses is one of God's Two Witnesses. In a sense, the Two Witnesses of God are construction the last Tabernacle of God, which is spiritual in nature and is composed of Christians (Book of Zechariah).

The most recent architectural use of the divine calendar was the Washington Monument. Because the divine calendar was used, the monument also has prophetic abilities to complement those of the Great Pyramid and the Tabernacle of God.

It is this singular monument that speaks about the purge that is about to come upon the Us Government and the British Government. This makes sense because Masonic Forefathers were implicated about America's future, about presidents and about leaders of Western nations who would be in office as events of the end time transpired.

We can thank God that He is content to purge Western governments of corrupt leaders rather than destroy our popular nation and other representative governments of the world.

Unless the Lord had shortened those days, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect, whom He chose, He shortened the days. (Mark 13:20)

The divine calendar clearly shows a compressing of time in the years that lead up to 2022, the Day of Judgment. Years are reduced to fractions. This shortening of time is good because we do not want God to be too angry with our leaders for too long. Innocent citizens could get hurt as collateral damage.

God rules Christian Israel

America's Christian Forefathers were dead serious about the United States Government being under God.

After God threw antique Israelites out of His sight and disowned Jerusalem, He began the creation of a new nation of Israel that would be spiritual in nature.

The Lord had said: I will put Judah out of my sight as I put Israel out of my sight. I will reject Jerusalem, the city that I chose, and I will reject the temple where I said my name would be. (2 Kings 23:27)

God created Christian Europe in composition with the Christian United States as His new spiritual Nation of Israel. The United States is New Testament Israel. Washington Dc is a New Testament Jerusalem. Elijah is a prophet of and to New Testament Israel, and he will purge Israel's government as he did before.

In a sense, the White House and 10 Downing road are Christ's dwelling places. So, He would not put up with corruption for long. He would clean the house when necessary. If this Bible study has accurately interpreted prophecy, a purge is arrival very soon and many leaders of today will not be leaders of tomorrow.

Your leaders were not my choices

A citizen might think that leaders are chosen in a fair process. Nowadays, nothing could be added from the truth. Campaigns are firmly in the control of corporate donors.

As a succeed of this situation, corporations put corrupt puppets into the White House and into Congress. Federal judges and supreme Court judges are selected because they will be activist puppets.

They have set up kings [presidents], but not ones who would agree with me: they have made princes [senators & representatives] who did not know me [infidels]: of their silver and their gold have they made them idols, that they may be cut off [they took lobby money so that they would not have to rejoinder to voters]. (Hosea 8:4) [my inserts]

So, the truth is that neither God nor man puts our government leaders in power. As a result, power is exercised in darkness and citizens are cheated at every turn. A corrupt ideas has developed that needs a radical correction. An end-time Elijah needs to initiate that change.

And I will stretch over Jerusalem the line of Samaria, and the plummet of the house of Ahab: and I will wipe Jerusalem as a man wipeth a dish, wiping it, and turning it upside down. (2 Kings 21:13)

The term wipeout pertains to the year 2015 or 2016 because many leaders could categorically be wiped out by the end of that year.

There might not be fire from Heaven like there was in the time of the first Elijah. Then again, terrorist attacks could be involved. Terrorists categorically have brought fire out of heaven, as was the case with 9-11.

Perhaps leaders will topple other leaders until only the good ones remain. That would be a naïve hope.

The social/political environment of Old Testament Israel verged on civil war. So, America could be near all-out civil war. A bad cheaper would provoke group unrest. We do see frightening signs of drought and diseases. Respected economists are warning of other Great Depression. Violent confrontations between left and right activists could trigger civil war.

Poetic Justice

How would corrupt leaders be purged? It is apparent from reading the Bible that God likes corrupt citizen to get poetic justice.

That means that corrupt leaders would meet their fates in the same manner they harmed others. For example, a president who had privately arranged the downfall of an innocent person would fall in the same manner.

I do not want to graphically quote the upcoming situation so I use the term downfall. If you want more graphic descriptions of conditions, read the Books of Kings.

God to choose two Us forces generals

What is on the other side of the purge? By the end of 2016, or a year soon thereafter, God will have put an abrupt end to the end-time dynasty of Ahab and Jezebel.

The year 2012 marks the time that God will have begun to save the Government of the United States by taking direct performance to eliminate corrupt presidents. That direct performance would reverse 66.6 years of corruption and error on the part of presidents, congressmen and judges.

When we compare the report of Old Testament Israel to the report of New Testament Israel, we see that the United States has not had an thorough president since Franklin Roosevelt in 1945. God intends to place a new Franklin Roosevelt into the presidency.

It could be that we may need other Franklin Roosevelt because the nation will be in exactly the same economic, political and group situation that it was in during the Great depression and World War Ii. We are categorically thoughprovoking toward Wwiii (Armageddon) as nuclear weapons proliferate while aggressive regimes threaten world peace.

The two Us forces generals that God chooses would carry the same burdens that were carried by President Franklin Roosevelt.

[Update 3-11-2010: Colin Powell and David Petraeus could be two Us generals to assume control in Washington Dc in order to save the Us Government. The power of these generals would not be assumed straight through the normal determination process. The fancy that God would choose forces generals could be to take His citizen straight through violent domestic situations at the same time they go straight through the Battle of Armageddon.

Either normal David Petraeus and normal Colin Powell could be the normal that God chooses to come to be President in 2015 or 2016, because they both have definite characteristics that match normal Jehu who was anointed by God to come to be King of Old Testament Israel.]

There is other huge fancy that God would choose Colin Powell to be president or vice president. But, there is not sufficient room in this report to interpret it.

Suffice it to say that God has been preparation Black Americans for positions of leadership. I say ready because all things in Powell's life has been part of his training for the presidency or vice presidency.

Powell was predestined to be a general. He was predestined to have an endearing group persona. He stands out from corrupt leaders because he is a categorically decent person.

When Queen Elizabeth knighted both Petraeus and Powell, she might not have realized the profound importance of her action. It was providential. She gave normal Petraeus and normal Powell some powers over the British Government. The Queen could call on Sir Powell or Sir Petraeus to do her will in Britain. The next ruler of Britain could do the same.

Lawyers might interpret the legal dynamics involved. There are Biblical laws to take into consideration. God arranged the knighting of both Petraeus and Powell because He intends to clean house in 10 Downing road at the same time He cleans house in Washington Dc [probably in 2015 or soon thereafter].

The knighting of Sir David Petraeus and Sir Colin Powell was a legal maneuver on God's part in order to give Petraeus and Powell authority and power to do the Queen's will if she requests it. It could also have been a precautionary move on the part of Queen Elizabeth because, ultimately, she must defend the British Government from enemies that are both foreign and domestic.

Powell, a New Deal Republican

Assuming that the singular normal whom God will have chosen to lead the upcoming coup, he has a daunting domestic agenda. A human could not accomplish it alone. But, God is firmly behind Powell and he cannot fail unless he purposely slacks off. I do not think he is a slacker.

Powell's agenda is essentially to undo all the wrong that was done by previous presidents for 66.6 years (April 1945-November 2012). The estimate 666 is not just a coincidence. It is a sign to us that leaders during this 66.6-year span have been men who have followed the ways of the Beast and preyed upon citizens.

God intends to replace those who succeed the ways of the Beast with men who succeed God and have a pro-citizen agenda. The following are part of Powell's agenda as I see it.

[Update Aug-28-2009: between Fdr death, April-12-1946 and election, Nov-6-2012, are 66 years, 6 months and 6 days. 24314 days or 66.6 years]

Powell must prevent hereafter presidents from committing American forces to endless and winless wars such as the one fought in Korea in the 40s. Powell must control the forces commercial involved that came to power in the 50s. Powell must check the tyrannical inclination of egotistical presidents. Arrogant presidents must not prevent generals from winning wars, such as the Vietnamese War. Powell must considered supervise group programs such as those that had begun in the 60s; if he doesn't make them efficient, fair and foolproof, taxpayers will resent them. Powell must restore leisure of speech to ministers. President Johnson who wrote Irs laws that are clearly unconstitutional purposely nullified their leisure of speech in the 60s. There is no place in the United States that an American citizen, along with a minister, cannot talk about politics. He can talk about politics regardless of the construction he is in, be it a church or a government building. Powell must insure that presidents cannot abuse their power and accomplish criminal acts such as spying on political opponents. Powell must bring corporations back under policing of government agencies. Unbridled and shameless greed among corporate leaders has resulted in outsourced jobs and lower wages. To add to the miserable economic situation of American employees, energy corporations have pillaged American consumers at every opportunity. Regulations and government oversight were hard won accomplishments during the leadership of giants like Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt. Powell must end the disinterest and elitism that is characteristic of aristocratic presidents from privileged families. Powell must end campaign corruption by thoroughly outlawing the lobby industry. It has turned the whole government into a whorehouse where politicians do tricks for corporations. And every trick hurts American citizens. Genuine campaign reforms must end All political donations. Campaigns must be restricted to government operated Tv, radio and Internet sites. Genuine tax reform must be enacted so that corrupt and out-of-control officials and their employees no longer victimize citizens. A sales tax would save citizens from asset loss, exploitation and suicides. A flat tax would be a poor second alternative because citizens could still have their asset taken away on bogus grounds. asset could still be taken away straight through the use of outrageous compounded interest and penalties. Victims would still be driven to suicide. Future presidents must be expelled from office for immoral acts that quote a base and predatory character. Authority and power must return to citizens. The imperial presidency must end forever. Presidents should not have the authority to wage ongoing wars, such as the Iraqi War, without declarations of war by Congress and the vote of the public. Presidents must be forbidden to act in secrecy to originate economic empires such as the one that is now being created between Canada, Mexico and the United States. Presidents must not be allowed to keep the borders of the United States open for the mass invasion of illegal laborers. This has been done at the behest of employers in the commercial and farming sectors. Illegal laborers take American jobs, undermine wages, overflow charities, drain group services and originate impoverished environments where crime and group problems are cancers on society. Employers encourage illegal labor for the strict purpose of creating a slave labor class that can be exploited and abused with impunity. Such employers need to be imprisoned. Presidents must not be allowed to use tax money to finance the movement of American jobs to foreign nations. Presidents must keep jobs in America so that American workers have jobs. Presidential candidates and acting presidents must be required to take urine and drug tests because drugs can cause risky thinking and emotional problems. Citizens must be protected from presidents, congressmen and judges with drug-related thinking and emotional problems that strength them to assume and exert dictatorial powers.

Trickle down corruption

At this point, we see that this report has returned to the subject that it began with, which is the purging of government by God straight through an end-time Elijah. We see why a purge would be most welcome and needful in order to save the nation from self-destruction.

We can understand why God must start at the top of society and purge it of corrupt leaders. It is understood by the phrase, trickle down. After corrupt leaders are eliminated, there will be no more corruption to trickle down.

If you do not like the concept, blame it on one of our presidents. He used the phrase trickle down economics. The phrase is very elitist and reveals the condescending association between presidents and citizens.

I hope I have made the end-time work of Elijah more real and logical for you. I hope that you see the need for a purge. I hope that you remember this report when the turnover of leaders seems abnormally high in the years ahead.

Did God speak a Curse on the White House For 2012?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Face it, Republicans: Mitt Romney is your presidential nominee

Face it, Republicans: Mitt Romney is your presidential nominee Video Clips. Duration : 1.60 Mins. Mitt Romney won the Republican primary in New Hampshire and now heads to South Carolina with a commanding lead over Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and Jon Hunstman. Exit polls show Romney receiving about 36 percent of the vote in New Hampshire, with Ron Paul getting 23 percent and Jon Huntsman at 18 percent, making Romney the first non-incumbent Republican to win both the Iowa caucuses, where he beat Rick Santorum by eight votes, and New Hampshire primary. Conservatives now see the Jan. 21 South Carolina primary as possibly their last chance to derail the Romney juggernaught. Polls consistently show Romney has the best chance of beating President Barack Obama in the general election. But fiscal conservatives distrust Romney, who as governor of Massachussetts signed into law a health care plan that became the model for Obama's national health care reforms. And social conservatives want are wary of Romney's past support for abortion rights and his Mormon faith. Mitt Romney's opponents have now focused their attacks on him. Texas Governor Rick Perry called Bain Capital, the private equity firm Romney used to run, "vultures" that swooped in to buy and sell companies and lay off thousands of workers. Former House speaker New Gingrich's PAC is set to run commercials that depict Romney as a "more ruthless than Wall Street" financier who was born into privelege. But is it time the GOP faced reality? The longer it takes to accept Romney and the more ...

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sen. Stabenow's address at the May 11th forum, "Making the Most of Health Care Reform"

Sen. Stabenow's address at the May 11th forum, "Making the Most of Health Care Reform" Video Clips. Duration : 2.67 Mins.

On May 11th, around 100 stakeholders in the region's health safety net came together to begin building a community-wide plan for implementing health care reforms. Sen. Debbie Stabenow had this message for the participants.

Tags: detroit, wayne, county, health, care, reform, forum, senator, debbie, stabenow, recording

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Doctors Call for Health Reform

Doctors Call for Health Reform Video Clips. Duration : 3.38 Mins.

Doctors from all 50 states gathered at the White House on October 5, 2009 to show their support for President Obama's health insurance reform plan. Hear some of them say why they as physicans want to see change. (public domain)

Keywords: White House, Obama, health, healthcare, health care, MD, medical, medicine, insurance

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Question 1 Ken Buck Response US Senate Candidate Forum 9 25 09

Question 1 Ken Buck Response US Senate Candidate Forum 9 25 09 Video Clips. Duration : 1.95 Mins.

Ken Buck responds to question 1: President Obama and congressional Democrats continue to push a massive federal takeover of our health care system that could create a public option that would eventually destroy private health insurance; that could cut Medicare by 0 billion; that could impose new taxes on families and small businesses; that could impose higher Medicaid costs on financially strapped state governments; and that could dramatically increase our national debt. Do you support or oppose the Obama-Democratic health care plans and if not what health care reforms do you support?

Keywords: Question, 1, Ken, Buck, Response, US, Senate, Candidate, Forum, 9, 25, 09

Friday, February 10, 2012

Home Care For Cancer Patients

In home condition care can help cancer patients stay in the ease of their own home while they receive care. The home offers an atmosphere of ease and security. While hospital stays can contribute to feelings of isolation and loneliness, staying at home allows patients to stay linked with family and friends. It has both advantages and disadvantages to the outpatient and caregivers. Sometimes, in-home care can originate new challenges for those involved. It may also bring about changes to relationships or require family members cope with aspects of outpatient care they would not have seen otherwise. It is prominent that patients and caregivers get ready for these obstacles.

Care services within the home may be administered by doctors, nurses, home condition aides, or even family members. If you are inspecting this type of care, you should ask your doctor about the patient's exact needs and if they can be met by home care. Get information about the types of home care services the outpatient will require and discuss these with the habitancy who will be administering care.

Health Care Reforms

Use of a home condition care division is normally important when the man has developed medical needs. Study agencies in your area to find the one that best fits your needs. Most agencies contribute home condition care aides that can help with personal care, meal preparation, homemaking, and general condition management. Services may also include visits by nurses or collective workers and access to medical equipment.

Home Care For Cancer Patients

It may also be helpful to hire independent home condition care providers, rather than an agency. For habitancy paying out of pocket, using independent home condition care providers is normally less costly than hiring an agency. However, you will have to coordinate cost and scheduling yourself.

There are many collective and underground sources that help patients pay for home care. It may be helpful to look into benefits in case,granted the government, like Medicare or Medicaid. Some underground condition or long-term care assurance policies cover the costs of inevitable home care services. Other organizations, like the American Cancer Society, offer free services to cancer patients and their families.

Home Care For Cancer Patients

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Big Issues in Government: Health Care Reform

Big Issues in Government: Health Care Reform Video Clips. Duration : 5.92 Mins.

A former US government executive and Deloitte national leader in health care share their thoughts on health care reform and the important role state governments will play in effectively implementing health care reform and the changes in health insurance in this Deloitte video.

Tags: Big Issues in Government, Deloitte, State Government, Health Care Reform, Paul Keckley, Dr. Paul Keckley, Center for Health Solutions, Honorable Howard D Mills III

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Health Care Reform: 450000 Doctors Can't Be Wrong

Health Care Reform: 450000 Doctors Can't Be Wrong Video Clips. Duration : 3.37 Mins.

The US has a catastrophically fragmented health care system that provides incentives for sick care instead of prevention. The system is in dire need of reform -- reform to save lives, to save families and to save money for both patients and the American health care system. Stand with more than 450000 doctors who support health care reform. Call Congress: (202) 224-3121. Take more action by visiting

Tags: health care, health, doctors, physicians, preventive care, reform, universal, Barack Obama, Blue Dog Democrats, AAFP, insurance, public option, Brave New Films, Robert Greenwald, heal health care now

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

John McCain Pathetic on Don't Ask Don't Tell , Time for Obama to Act

John McCain Pathetic on Don't Ask Don't Tell , Time for Obama to Act Tube. Duration : 6.08 Mins.

--John McCain madness on Don't Ask Don't Tell, including moving the goalposts, flip-flopping, unreasonable laundry lists of requirements. --It is time for Barack Obama to act on Don't Ask Don't Tell, and to realize that giving Republicans a 2 year compromise on tax cuts will not help Democrats in 2012. The David Pakman Show is a nationally syndicated talk radio and television program. 24/7 Voicemail Line: (219)-2DAVIDP http Broadcast on November 18, 2010

Tags: the, david, pakman, show, news, talk, radio, television, pacifica,, entertainment, government, liberal, conservative, washington, republican, democrat, free, speech, tv, directv, dish, network, midweek, politics, gay, rights, marriage, lesbian, don't, ask, tell, dadt, repeal, military, cohesion, december, study, effects, implementation, obama, executive, action

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Will Barack Obama Win The 2012 Presidential Election?

The political cost of overhauling the condition care law turned out to be higher than President Obama had expected. American voters bruised by economic hardships handed a crushing defeat to the Democratic Party in the Us mid-term elections. Even a strong Jupiter could not help the President this time. President Obama is in Jupiter Main duration and Rahu sub duration from Feb 2010 to July 2012. Transit Jupiter was weak and badly afflicted by transit Saturn while the months of May, June, July, August, and September 2010. Us economy showed no signs of improvement, and was the main infer of Democrat's defeat.

Transit Jupiter will be strong next four months until Mar 10th 2011. This will still be a good duration for President Obama as main duration lord Jupiter will be strong by transit. But Obama has a difficult road ahead and will face new challenges between Mar and Sept 2011. Mahadasha lord Jupiter will again come opposite transit Saturn while the months of March, April, May 2011, not good at all. while this time Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Mars will also be in Pisces along with Jupiter directly in the fire power of transit Saturn from Virgo. while this time the sub duration lord Rahu in President Obama's astrology chart will also become unfavorable as Rahu will be transiting Ketu's nakshatra and Ketu will be transiting Mars nakshatra, the badhaka planet for President Obama, from Feb 2011 to Oct 2011. These are very Sensitive months for Obama and the United States. Ultimately mahadasha lord Jupiter will again come opposite Saturn one last time while December 2011, January, February, and March 2012. This will be again a very difficult duration for Obama. This will also be a very difficult duration for Vice President Joe Biden. while this time the administration may seriously think of replacing him with a new Candidate for the 2012 elections. In nutshell President Obama will not be able to achieve much in his first term. President Obama's approval ratings will continue to drop while this time. There will be no improvement in the economy and the unemployment rate will continue to stay high.

Health Care Reforms

After July 2012 the momentum will again shift in favor of President Obama as he will come out of 12th lord Jupiter's mahadasha and will enter ascendant lord, and 2nd house lord Saturn's mahadasha. Saturn is a very good planet for President Obama. At the same time transit Jupiter will enter Taurus sign on May 16th, 2012, and will start aspecting the natal position of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn in Obama's astrology chart. This will be perfect time for Obama when luck will be on his side once again. President Obama's approval ratings will go up after June/July 2012, and the public understanding will again shift in his favor just before 2012 elections. Hillary Clinton will replace Joe Biden for the Vice President's position in 2012 elections. Obama will win 2012 elections very de facto and will get re-elected as the President of United States for the second term. Year 2013 and 2014 will be the golden years in Obama's second term and for United States. The economy will be doing best in Us, and President Obama will solve many domestic and international problems while this time. Obama will be able to end the two wars and bring soldiery home while this period. Obama may even win other Nobel Prize or some kind of award while this time. while this time Jupiter will be transiting Gemini sign from May 30th, 2013 to June 18th, 2014, and will aspect transit Saturn in Libra, the mahadasha lord in Obama's chart, by its 5th aspect.

Will Barack Obama Win The 2012 Presidential Election?

Obama will run out of luck between Oct 2014 and Dec 2015 when transit Saturn will be in Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio will aspect all important planets in his astrology chart while Obama is in Saturn's mahadasha. Transit Saturn in Scorpio will aspect the natal position of ascendant lord Saturn and 12th lord Jupiter in Capricorn by its third aspect, the natal position of the 7th house lord Moon in Taurus sign by its 7th aspect, and the natal position of Rahu and 10th house lord Mars in Leo sign by its 10th aspect. while this time President Obama will find it very difficult to unblemished his second term. The enemies of the United States are represented by the 7th house in Obama's chart. The lord of 7th house Moon is in Taurus sign at 10 degrees in Obama's chart. When Saturn goes to 10 degrees in Scorpio which will happen three times between Oct 2014 and Dec 2015 will be a very sensitive time for President Obama and the United States.

Will Barack Obama Win The 2012 Presidential Election?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Julia Gillard on Health Care: Let's move Australian Forward

Julia Gillard on Health Care: Let's move Australian Forward Tube. Duration : 0.50 Mins.

Australian families deserve better health and hospitals. Over the past three years, we've increased hospital funding by 50% to make up for years of cuts and neglect. A Gillard Labor Government will expand GP super clinics, establish local community boards and make sure we train an extra 3000 new nurses and 1300 GPs to improve patient care. Together, let's move Australia forward.

Tags: Health Care, Health Reform, Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses, Emergency Rooms, Patients, gps, surgery Julia Gillard, Labor, Australian Labour, Election, ALP, Election 2010, Federal Labor

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Pajama Man - Andy Ross on Health Care Reform

The Pajama Man - Andy Ross on Health Care Reform Video Clips. Duration : 3.22 Mins.

The Pajama Man, Andy Ross and his commentary on the political implications regarding health care reforms and it's overall effect concerning health insurance going forward

Keywords: health insurance, health care reform, pajama man, the pajama man, the pajama man school, insurance training

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Earn Income With Silver and Gold Home Business

Earn Income With Silver and Gold Home Business Video Clips. Duration : 5.85 Mins. Earn Income With Silver and Gold Home Business Preservation of Wealth vs. Nutrition MLM How to Earn Money With Silver and Gold coins. Referral, network marketing, mlm, Preservation of Wealth, ISA, Numis Network. at Cost wholesale bullion The Federal Reserve is Responsible for the last 2 Decades of Economic Turmoil!!! 1. Beginning with the Savings & Loan crisis in 1990, each engineered crisis is growing in intensity and carnage. First, there was the Internet bubble crash then the Real Estate bubble meltdown and now we are at the footsteps of an unprecedented acceleration of price increases in food and energy. In 2007, commodity prices soared when there was actually a slowdown in the global economy. There was no reason for commodity prices to go ballistic at that time, except for federal reserve intervention. The price of oil went from to 7. High gas prices actually burdened the average US consumer with an additional "tax" of five hundred billion dollars. That 500 billion dollar "hidden tax" was ONE of many reasons, we are IN the current Great (NON) Recession. (The US Dollar Index is Worthless) 2. On CNBC they often point to the dollar index and state that a weaker dollar is good for the export economy. Currently US Dollar index looks bad - but it actually means nothing because it is being compared to other world wide fiat currencies undergoing massive debasement. Worldwide central banks, seem to be ...

Keywords: silver and gold business, silver coin mlm

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Most risky Cities in America

In November of 2009, compiled a list of the most dangerous cities in the United States. By analyzing Fbi crime data from cities with more than 500,000 residents, Forbes ranked each city in terms of murder, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and other violent crimes.

According to this study, Detroit, Michigan is currently the most dangerous city in the country. Known for a long history of violence dating to the 1960s, and current gang fights, Detroit has one of the top murder rates in the country. Other cities in the top 5 consist of Memphis, Miami, Las Vegas, and Stockton, California. The top 10 list includes New Orleans, Louisiana - not surprising, inspecting the upheaval caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In 2009, Gary Indiana dropped from the infamous top spot, which it held for any years, to the estimate three spot. Gary's crime rate, together with high statistics of rape and burglary, leave something to be desired. Also coming in at the top of the list are North Charleston (South Carolina), Richmond (California), Birmingham (Alabama), Flint (Michigan), and Oakland (California).

Health Care Reforms

All five of the country's most dangerous cities in 2009 are known drug transit points for Mexican drug cartels, according to the branch of Justice. Drug gangs fighting over territory can be found in each of these dangerous cities, together with violence resulting from the Mexican drug feud that already causes the deaths of 10,000 Mexican citizens each year. Stockton, in particular, has seen a new growth in drug gangs and associated crimes over the past few years, as it becomes known as a transit point for drugs entering the country from Mexico.

The Most risky Cities in America

In increasing to drug-related crimes, each of the country's most dangerous cities is also home to its own particular problems. These are not new developments, however. The cities on the list have been riddled with crime for decades, as once-bustling cities face declining populations, resulting in a city with few resources and a high level of crime. This phenomenon has been repeatedly cited in the case of Detroit and its loss of the automotive industry, for example. Particularly with the current economic climate, it seems like few of the hardest-hit cities will be making any big improvements in the way of safety anytime soon. Hard-hit governments find it even more difficult to come up with the money for crime prevention and collective safety.

What can be done about rising crime rates in America's most dangerous cities? This past spring, President Obama met with Mexican President Felipe Calderon to discuss ways to fight the drug war. In increasing to stronger police forces and other large-scale change, there are ways to protect yourself from violent crime. Either you live in an urban area known for rising crime rates, or in a relatively isolated subdivision, you can be proactive about your self defense. No matter where you live, it's prominent to be aware of those around you. Use common sense home safety methods, such as locking windows and doors, and installing adequate outdoor lighting. For supplementary protection, install safety alarms, or place a dummy safety camera outside your home. Carry pepper spray or a stun gun in your bag. Crime can happen anywhere, at any time, even if your city did not make the top ten list.

The Most risky Cities in America