Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In the Green Room: Dr. Norm Thurston

In the Green Room: Dr. Norm Thurston Tube. Duration : 3.52 Mins.

The man responsible for Utah's free market health care reforms speaks with the Foundry on what works and why.

Keywords: utah health care reforms, free market health care, obama health care plan, reid health care, government run health care

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What Health Care Reforms Mean for You

What Health Care Reforms Mean for You Video Clips. Duration : 3.00 Mins.

In Washington, Congressional Republicans are working to limit and change Medicare as never before. How will you be affected? Join Dr. Mark Liebow, MD, MPH, Dawn Johnson, RN, and Sandra Makela, RN, for a forum on upcoming Health Care Reforms. The event is free and open to the public. Join us Wednesday June 29th, 2011 from 7:15 pm -- 8:45 pm at the Rochester Public Library Auditorium. Admission is FREE

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Physician Shortage and Health Care Reforms - 2

Physician Shortage and Health Care Reforms - 2 Tube. Duration : 2.20 Mins.

Opening statement by Ranking Member Sam Graves (R-MO) at the House Small Business Committee hearing The Looming Challenge for Small Medical Practices: The Projected Physician Shortage and How Health Care Reforms Can Address the Problem on July 8, 2009

Keywords: house, small, business, committee, democrats, nydia, velazquez, sam, graves, physician, shortage, health, care, reform, doctor, medicine

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Single Payer Health Care

Single Payer Health Care Tube. Duration : 1.58 Mins.

Health care reforms that serve the people of Maine, not the just the insurance industry.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Low earnings condition Plans in Florida

Low revenue health assurance is one of the top priorities for assurance reforms extending it to maximum numbers of uninsured individuals and families. However, till the health reforms become effective, there is always a concern for individuals and families to find low revenue health assurance plans in Florida.

A lot of states in the Us offer state-run programs to help low revenue families and some secret players have also started contribution basic health plans for the indigent. The main selection is to get health cover for basic level avoiding regular check-ups and physician visits.

Health Care Reforms

Among all the states of the Us, Florida enjoys one of the largest, fastest-growing, and most diverse populations. If we go by statistics, during 1990-95, the citizen of Florida increased by 9.5%. It is noticeable here that the elderly citizen of the state is one of the largest in the country. The various demography of citizen of Florida demands a appropriate and wide health care theory that can be extended to low revenue families who are not able to afford group health assurance or buy assurance privately.

Low earnings condition Plans in Florida

During the mid-1990s, Florida attempted to significantly reform its health care system. Some focused items were: mandatory enrollment in managed care for Medicaid beneficiaries; medical assurance purchasing cooperatives to increase assurance affordability in the small-group market; and the salutary Kids Program-a school-based program of subsidized assurance for low-income children. With the help of built-in limits on tax revenues and a fiscally conservative legislature, all of Florida's counties are able to be a valuable source of sustain for the indigent.

Statistics show that the state has one of the top uninsured rates in the country. This high rate may be attributable to the state's high poverty rate, and there is unmistakably a great need of low revenue health plan options for residents of Florida. The proposed health reforms would be able to deliver the effective measures to curtail this size of uninsured families straight through low revenue health assurance plans.

Apart from regular Medicaid program, the salutary Kids program is a good selection for low assurance plans. It is a school-enrollment-based program that provides wide assurance to school-aged children and their younger siblings.

When seeing for health insurance, it is prominent to mark out the budget that any consumer would be able to spare. A lot of secret companies in Florida are also contribution cheap health plans geared toward such individual and families. In fact, some online assurance portals enlist some companies specially contribution these types of plans.

While the medical plans are offered, a lot of assurance companies offer a "modular" point in which they provide a basic level of coverage. After that there could be distinct levels of assurance coverage. While seeing for low revenue health insurance, this basic coverage could be a good selection for residents of Florida. Later on, the low revenue health assurance policies can be personalized to a point convenient for your personal needs.

Low earnings condition Plans in Florida

Friday, August 26, 2011

OBAMA Democrats HATE 7 Sarah Palin!!!

OBAMA Democrats HATE 7 Sarah Palin!!! Tube. Duration : 4.32 Mins.

NHS puntr givng opinion on Barack's health care reforms for the benefit of the good pople of America.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

4/24/07 - Michael Cannon on Free Market Health Care (Part 1)

4/24/07 - Michael Cannon on Free Market Health Care (Part 1) Video Clips. Duration : 9.95 Mins.

Part 1 of 5 April 24th, 2007 The Commonwealth Foundation Policies and Principles Luncheon Health Care Reform: Free Markets v. Socialized Medicine Michael Cannon, director of health policy studies at the Cato Institute, discusses free-market health care reforms that Pennsylvania policymakers should adopt. Most recently Cannon co-authored the book Health Competition: What's Holding Back Health Care and How To Free It.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

People Neglected and Trapped

People Neglected and Trapped Tube. Duration : 5.30 Mins.

People started to neglect the messages of what we learned about a president's belief, political, life, and religion. They voted and trapped after president changed his plans on Health Care Reforms and other issues. My suggestion to all of you is contact your senators and congressman for impeach president. GET AN ACTION to set a petition and have people sign up it. Send a petition to Senators and Congress.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

health assurance and designate medicine Costs

One of the biggest issues that the United States of America faces is the issue of health care. We hear the politicians talking about it in their campaigns for presidency. They say they are going to bring some relief and reform when it comes to the way that health care is dealt with in this country. The fact of the matter is for industrialized nations the Usa has some of the worst health care policies.

The Elderly and Medicare

Health Care Reforms

I've had the chance to talk with some elderly citizen who have Medicare and because of their health health need many medications. It is very sad to hear about the plight of these people. Some have to choose between the medicines that have been prescribed for them and the other necessities of life that they have. Prescribe drug coverage is also quite confusing for the elderly. This is due to government structuring.

health assurance and designate medicine Costs

The Cost of Medicine

The health guarnatee commerce uses what is called a co-pay to share the cost of medicine with you. It seems that this price is increasing. Let me give you an example. My father was prescribed a medicine by his doctor. At our local pharmacy the price of the co-pay was very high so he did not get it. Instead he checked the internet for prices. To buy the medicine alone from a legitimate web site would be just a few dollars more than what he was paying for the co-pay.

It should be duly noted that it is not just the guarnatee companies who are at fault. Drug companies looking to make huge profits often run up the price of medicine. And with competition in the Us store being puny to only Us companies by the government that only makes things easy for them to use that tactic.

To quit it seems like this is a qoute that needs to be addressed by man who is not about the bottom line but instead about us the people. Or else we will only see the same at the drug stores.

health assurance and designate medicine Costs

Monday, August 22, 2011

Health Care Reform Proposals , Part 2 of 4 .

Health Care Reform Proposals , Part 2 of 4 . Tube. Duration : 7.10 Mins.

Is big goverrnment health care reform what the US needs , even though our present system iis catastrophic ?

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Evolution Of Integrated condition Care Delivery Systems And The Singularity

If one had to make a condition care theory that would seem doomed to failure one might start with one in which the providers of care were fragmented, independent and driven through the reimbursement theory to provide ever more services that create higher revenue on a fee for aid basis. The theory would provide care to patients who were isolated from the economic costs of the services by third party payments, through employer funded guarnatee coverage. Third party payers would make their money through reducing prime payouts, by plainly delaying or not paying out what they contracted to provide or extorting deep victualer discounts in transfer for directed volume. The approach to care of individual patients would be ad hoc, without vital oversight. Severely ill patients would be passed back and forth by all providers like the black queen of spades in a deck of cards. Bad debts would be written off as "charity care." guarnatee premiums would rise faster than the world's oceans in global warming. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, in an contentious and polarized political democracy limited can be done to re-design an antiquated, inefficient, ineffective, and bankrupting cowboy theory of condition care delivery in a focused, ample way that will likely make a real difference. There are just too many inviting parts and extra interests involved. There is, however, an incremental turn underway as a consequent of the new condition care reform efforts that have the possible to morph the theory into a paradigm that makes more practical sense. Medicare will be providing contracts with Accountable Care Organizations that will have to come to be clinically integrated systems of effective hospitals and care providers in order to gain adequate reimbursement. Expect to see these new systems addition in the inexpressive sector as well.

Health Care Reforms

The government's push toward implementation of global electronic healing records systems will be key to the amelioration of data driven systems contentious not only for financial gain, but also for potential in operation and outcomes. Data potential inaugurates operation accountability in managing sick person care. With the coming of reliable data there will be more and more focus on evidence based medicine, what works and what does not and we will be inviting from a largely intuitive approach to an empirical make in condition care delivery. Outliers will be reviewed, evaluated and addressed. The focus will be on theory based accountability in providing the most effective method of care and the most uncostly price. This can only occur if hospitals and care providers are focused on and are compensated for the delivery of condition not the delivery of care. Look to the rise and expand of fully integrated condition care systems compensated in global fixed fees, and view the decay and death of fee for aid medicine.

The Evolution Of Integrated condition Care Delivery Systems And The Singularity

The pace of technology amelioration in the form of electronic healing records, smart electronic healing devices and in communication, storehouse and cloud computer functioning, augers the possible for what what Ray Kurzweil describes as the "Singularity."

What then is the singularity? It's a future duration while which the pace of technological turn will be so rapid, its impact so deep, that human life will be irreversibly transformed. Although neither utopian nor dystopian, this epoch will transform concepts that we rely on to give meaning to our lives from our business models to the cycle of human life, along with death itself.

Kurzweil, Raymond The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology. Viking (2005), at 7. The best hope for solving of the condition care delivery and financing dilemma may well reside in the the disruptive power of advancing technology and a paradigm shift to systemic rather than individualized views of potential and success.

The Evolution Of Integrated condition Care Delivery Systems And The Singularity

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tort Reform in Ohio Makes Suing a doctor Impossible Unless the Outcome is Death

There are two hospital systems in greater Cleveland, Ohio.  Cleveland Clinic is known as one of the best hospitals colse to the world.  They operate two thirds of the medical society in Cleveland.  University Hospitals controls the balance, minus one or two independent hospitals.  If being a billable estimate is your idea of sick person care, the Clinic is for you.  Our story is of course, Our story, and so are the impressions in case,granted here.  As they say everywhere, "results may vary."    In 2000 I lost 40 % of my body weight and I had to beg my guarnatee business to let be be admitted to the Clinic.   I was thrown out of the hospital four days later and was called a red herring.  The neurologist said "when a woman comes in with that many symptoms, it's almost always psychological in nature. I saw the psychiatrist and the psychologist and they both advised me to get to a good medical doctor fast.

After months of investigate with my husband, my eye doctor said "What do they think it is this week"?  Based on what we found, I said Behcets Disease. 

Health Care Reforms

He sat back and said "I know who to send you to."  I went to see a friend of his, a rheumatologist , and I was officially diagnosed in August of 2000.

Tort Reform in Ohio Makes Suing a doctor Impossible Unless the Outcome is Death

Then I found this great rheumatologist closer to home and he was terrific.  Then I found out how ridiculous the tort reform bill in Ohio is.

I was riding my horse and some kid cantered up behind my horse, scared him to the point  where he felt he had to fight. He bucked as high as he could and I was launched over him and landed on the ground with such a thud it could be heard in the lounge where my husband was. I don't remember any of this I just remember looking the barn owner carrying me out and going to the hospital.  I broke eight ribs,  my scapula. Clavicle, and hip.  The card I carry for my Behcets says before surgical operation you must call the patient's rheumatologist.  Even when my husband got him on the phone they refused to speak to him.  I also had a pneumo and hemo thorax so I had to have a spinal for the hip surgery.  The attending  called in a surgeon from other Clinic hospital who was apprised of my condition. He decided to go with the pinning formula despite my having osteopenia.  Twenty four hours later the pins had pushed through the bone out to the skin and the bone telescoped down onto itself.

I was in a wheelchair when I went to see the surgeon four weeks later, the intern came in and his jaw dropped and became pale when he saw the films. The surgeon came in and he said next time if the therapy doesn't add the 2 inches to that leg you'll just where a lift in your shoe.

Fortunately for me I found other surgeon who put a change hip in and I am able to walk and even ride my horse again.

I found an attorney after a long search who would perhaps take my case.  We notion we had a good case,  The hospital refused to talk to my rheumatologist , the surgeon's pinning lasted less than 24hours, for the eight weeks I was in the wheelchair I was in constant pain.  I had to wait eight hours for an antibiotic and all my heart valves leak from the Behcets.

Before I found this attorney I called a phone book full  of lawyers and every one of them said  " if we didn't have the tort reform law in Ohio I'd take it in a minute. It's just too costly to take on a case like this because you unmistakably have to prove it before you walk into the courtroom,   The most you can get is 0,000.00 and by the time we do our investigate and get all the records and get the experts you might wind up with 00.00."  The first time I heard this I notion this guy was just lazy, but when I heard it over fifty times I couldn't believe that no one cared about the pain and suffering I went through and boy was I depressed.

Finally I found the lawyers that yes.  We got my files for them so that was free. He kept telling me we'll just have to see how things go, but I expect they'll decree eventually. 

In December I felt pain in my hip so I called the doctor.  He was out of town but other one who was covering for him scheduled a hip aspiration.  It was distinct and that Sunday I had surgical operation again.  My quarterly doctor came back and I told him I was having a reaction to the antibiotic, he said no there was no rash.  I had been so sick the day before the second surgical operation when they gave me a shot of morphine the pain shot through my abdomen to my back and didn't let up for hours.

On Wednesday, despite how ill I was the night before I had other hip surgery.  I argued with the resident that it was safer for me to go home to recover than to stay in the Hospital which is true.  We went home and my husband dutifully called the lawyer to tell him what had happened.  He said " I don't know if  we will be able to go ahead with the lawsuit.  I went home with a pic line so I could have Ivs daily.  They sent me home on the medication had, had so much problem with at the hospital.  On New Years Day I ran a 107.5 fever and back to the hospital I went.  My Infectious Disease doctor got me out of there in four days because it was a drug fever and I went home on other antibiotic.

After all this and after all the pain, the surgeries, the therapy to recover and having a permanent parrot perch that's what I affectionately call my right scapula because no one operated on it, we got a call from the lawyer.

He said because of tort reform and your basic health we cant afford to take the case.  He gave my husband the name of other attorney and before he could begin the story he said we don't do those kind of cases anymore in Ohio because of tort reform.  One of the attorneys said if I hadn't gotten my leg fixed we might have a case. other one said if i died they would take the case.

In Ohio my pain means nothing to our legislature, and the only thing the lawyers care about is their lowest line. It's time to turn the law and it's time that lawyers do their jobs, my infection had nothing to do with the case but it would make it harder to win and more time intelligent so who cares?  Nobody.

Tort Reform in Ohio Makes Suing a doctor Impossible Unless the Outcome is Death

Friday, August 19, 2011

Us baby Mortality condition - Care Lags 3rd World Countries - Spurious Correlations!

Politicians love sweeping slogans and generalizations (most often, being quite effective): "Canadian health Care, Even With Queues, Bests Us", was a new report; infant mortality was cited to be 34% higher in the Us. An Oct. 2008 narrative from the town for Disease operate settled the Us at 29th in infant mortality, tied with Slovakia and trailing Hungary and Cuba, (A new comment magazine is entitled "We're whole Two?" by Thomas Hazlett). Are such statements - seemingly statistical - believable and true? Probable reaction by the median American is "How can that be?", but then comes a pervasive thought, "But if that's what the data shows -!"

Americans are proud of our country's achievements in all fields, especially in technology and medicine, all aspects of them, and a comparative statement that faults the Us re infant mortality evokes uncut interest and is particularly troublesome - everyone loves infants, so helpless and endearing. Thus, infant mortality behind third-world countries - what are the apples-to-apples facts? The Us, with supposedly top curative requirements, with all births taking place in modern, antiseptic hospitals, germ-free, with trained nurses and doctors and medicines and all types of tool - lagging third-world countries with their mid-wives, babies born under all conditions, indeed not to the standards of the Us! How can that be true?

Health Care Reforms

Denigrating America data are seized upon by health-care-reform advocates - example, comparing Canada, with its mandatory communal health insurance, to the Us with its primarily secret insurance: the Us has 6.9 deaths per 1000 births whereas Canada has only 5.3, almost a fourth less. However, in examining the details, explanation and enlightenment ensues: America has three times the proportion of teen-age mothers, resulting in more premature low-birth-weight babies - juvenile pregnancies, drug abuse, drinking and smoking - are culture factors that cause teen-age pregnancies. Of importance is the hard fact that in each age class of birth-mothers, the Us has equal or best infant survival statistics.

Us baby Mortality condition - Care Lags 3rd World Countries - Spurious Correlations!

Comparisons made between Cuba (5.8 deaths per 1000) and the Us (6.9 deaths per 1000 - 19% higher) can be similarly challenged: Author Hazlett quotes: "Michael Moore's film 'Sicko' revels in rankings that place Cuba ahead of America in the infant-mortality race." However, a key factor is the criterion of what constitutes infant "death": in Cuba there is a far higher mortality of the birthing mothers themselves, thus infant death is eliminated from the mortality total. Interestingly, for Cubans living in the Us (an "apple to apple" comparison), the rate is only 4.2 deaths per thousand, or infant mortality is 28% lower in the Us than in Cuba.

Noteworthy also, is the fact that that in the Us the health-care law makes Herculean attempts to save low-birth-weight and premature babies, even operations within the womb being routinely performed in the Us. All such situations are deemed miscarriages in other cultures and countries, thus not tabulated as infant mortality.

Politics and spurious correlations aside (and notwithstanding the uncut desire and need for beneficial health Care reform), the health care in case,granted by the Us curative law sees, indeed, to be the best in the world.

Us baby Mortality condition - Care Lags 3rd World Countries - Spurious Correlations!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

House Session 2011-07-14 (13:00:58-14:01:23)

House Session 2011-07-14 (13:00:58-14:01:23) Video Clips. Duration : 60.43 Mins.


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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gold and Silver Prices Signal the Destruction of the Dollar

Gold and Silver Prices Signal the Destruction of the Dollar Tube. Duration : 4.07 Mins. http Get Prepared & Sign Up for our Newsletter! The Federal Reserve is Responsible for the last 2 Decades of Economic Turmoil 1. Beginning with the Savings & Loan crisis in 1990, each engineered crisis is growing in intensity and carnage. First, there was the Internet bubble crash then the Real Estate bubble meltdown and now we are at the footsteps of an unprecedented acceleration of price increases in food and energy. In 2007, commodity prices soared when there was actually a slowdown in the global economy. There was no reason for commodity prices to go ballistic at that time, except for federal reserve intervention. The price of oil went from to 7. High gas prices actually burdened the average US consumer with an additional "tax" of five hundred billion dollars. That 500 billion dollar "hidden tax" was ONE of many reasons, we are IN the current Great (NON) Recession. (The US Dollar Index is Worthless) 2. On CNBC they often point to the dollar index and state that a weaker dollar is good for the export economy. Currently US Dollar index looks bad - but it actually means nothing because it is being compared to other world wide fiat currencies undergoing massive debasement. Worldwide central banks, seem to be in a currency death dance, racing each other to the bottom in the name of international competitiveness. Gold and Silver is the Only way to test the Strength of our Currency. The dollar is weakening against other currencies but when ...

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Assholes of Socialist Health-Care Reforms - Social Medicine - Government Run Healthcare System

Assholes of Socialist Health-Care Reforms - Social Medicine - Government Run Healthcare System Tube. Duration : 8.02 Mins.

Song "America Will Be Great Again" by Rafael Brom Music by Rafael Brom Cosmotone Records - Cosmotone Music (ASCAP) Rafael Brom Free MP3 Music Downloads http Radio Stations Playing Music of Rafael Brom Iffreedom and democracy are to survive, it will take a miracle a miracle that only dedication and commitment can bring about. After the technological and intellectual revolutions, a moral revolution is necessary. When trapped in a world of indolence, incompetence and impotence, when challenged by ambivalence, arrogance and aggression, when you feel insignificant, you can and must do your duty! You know the needs of your family, your neighbor, your town, your state and your community. You have here a duty to perform. lt is not important that others are bad, lazy, and dishonest. It is important that you are good, diligent, and honest. It is not important that others lie, scheme, and destroy. It is important that you are hard at work to maintain our democracy, justice, and peace. There is no time to waste. The revolutionary forces shaking the earth have converged upon us, presenting us with difficult choices with a need for action, for ideas, for concerted and sustained commitment as a nation and as individuals. We must meet the challenge with the conviction of our beliefs. We must remember that as Americans by birth or by choice we are heirs to a permanent, continuing, liberating revolution. Our ...

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Monday, August 15, 2011

assorted Segments of the Healthcare commerce

The healthcare commerce has discrete divisions such as, nursing, residential care facilities, physician's offices, dentist's offices, home healthcare services and other condition practitioners.

Hospitals offer their patients complete care. They furnish all beginning from the diagnosis to surgeries and long time treatments. Hospitals generally specify their area. For instance, some are only for the cancer patients or some only for the leprosy patients. The most tasteless are those hospitals that furnish rehabilitation to all diseases. These hospitals are for all and do not cater to only a part of the ill public.

Health Care Reforms

Hospital offer care 24 x 7 and thus, they give full rehabilitation that may normally include all from the patient's diet requirements, hygiene to all inherent linked with its care.

assorted Segments of the Healthcare commerce

The healthcare staff includes such a class of workers that depend on the finance, the location, the management style and recipe of the organization. Hospital staff normally consists of those people, who are reliable and comfortable working in shifts. The obvious suspect for this is the number and quality of care the patients in a hospital needs.

Another type of healthcare is the nursing care. It provides the patients with full-fledged care under nurses and doctors, who are present overnight. These types of healthcare facilities are normally costly and thus, the tasteless people cannot afford the expenses.

In these nursing homes, patients can stay under consideration for a longer period and thus, the patients here are those suffering from serious and fatal diseases along with Aids and cancer.

These nursing care centers even cater to women while pregnancy. These may also include drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. The next segment of the healthcare commerce falls into those areas that work according to the incommunicable practitioners namely dentists, physicians, homeopaths, orthodontics, acupuncturists and periodontics.

assorted Segments of the Healthcare commerce

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rep. Doug Funderburk: Health Care, Cap & Trade Tax

Rep. Doug Funderburk: Health Care, Cap & Trade Tax Video Clips. Duration : 4.38 Mins.

Rep. Doug Funderburk talks about how MO's General Assembly is standing up to Congress & their attempts to send down bad health care reforms & cap & trade taxes.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

High fines and misdemeanors needed to strengthen healthcare reforms

High fines and misdemeanors needed to strengthen healthcare reforms Video Clips. Duration : 6.07 Mins.

If Congress really wanted healthcare reform, it would give regulators the authority to punish with high fines and misdemeanors slimy hospital administrators and physicians who consider quality patient care an inconvenience.

Keywords: health care, reforms, winkler texas, hospitals, medicare, medicaid, john david powell

Friday, August 12, 2011

Noam Chomsky on Health Care--Why has reform taken so LONG

Noam Chomsky on Health Care--Why has reform taken so LONG Tube. Duration : 7.40 Mins.

Noam Chomsky spoke to a full capacity crowd at the Orpheum Theatre 4-7-09. Here is what he said about health care.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

House Session 2011-08-01 (10:00:03-10:18:05)

House Session 2011-08-01 (10:00:03-10:18:05) Video Clips. Duration : 18.05 Mins.

Keywords: C-SPAN

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Senate Session 2011-04-14 (14:56:05-15:57:03)

Senate Session 2011-04-14 (14:56:05-15:57:03) Video Clips. Duration : 60.98 Mins.

Senate will be in a period of morning business, with the time until 2 pm equally divided and controlled between the two Leaders, or their designees; following which, when the Senate receives papers from the House of Representatives, with respect to the continuing resolution and two correcting resolutions, Senate will proceed to 3 rollcall votes.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Creating a Moral Hazard With condition Care Reform

The condition care reform consider has come and gone, at least the part foremost up to the passage of the inpatient protection and Affordable Care Act. Plentifulness of consider and legal challenges will continue into the foreseeable future. Some of that consider will town colse to the moral hazard created by the new law, something that should have been confident to the legislators behind it.

The term "moral hazard" should be familiar to anyone who has studied economics. It is covered in many university courses to some extent when learning financial instruments such as insurance. One of the simplest examples of creating a moral hazard is fire insurance. A fire assurance course that would pay more than the value of a structure under any circumstances would originate an incentive to burn the structure for profit, hence creating a moral hazard. Another example would be a very large life assurance course that would pay regardless of cause of death, creating an incentive for a broke and despondent man to commit suicide in order for their house to receive a immense assurance benefit. assurance companies try to mitigate such moral hazards by placing limitations on advantage amounts and disqualifying confident events from coverage. Suicide, for example, usually means no advantage is paid.

Health Care Reforms

It would appear that the moral hazard introduced by the new condition care reform law weren't thought about or addressed in advance. For one, the requirement that all Americans buy condition assurance or face a fine creates a moral hazard for anyone who examines the relative costs. Published studies show that in 2009 the midpoint cost of condition assurance was roughly ,800. In other words the "average" man would be paying colse to 0 per month in condition assurance premiums. Under the new law the penalty for not purchasing condition assurance can be as high as 5, substantially lower than the cost of buying insurance. But the cost unlikeness between buying assurance versus naturally paying the penalty isn't the key enabler of the moral hazard. The key is that the new law forbids insurers from denying benefits to habitancy with pre-existing conditions. So there is no risk that a man would be unable to fetch assurance if they became sick or injured. Taken together with the lower cost of going uninsured there is a huge loop hole that creates a moral hazard that will genuinely be exploited by many people.

Creating a Moral Hazard With condition Care Reform

The strategy is simple. Don't buy condition insurance. Pay the penalty each year and pocket nearly ,000 in savings. If you become sick or injured then buy assurance to cover rehabilitation costs - you can't be denied. With this strategy you can buy the most costly and top coverage assurance to pay for nearly all your medical expenses at the time you need it. It remains to be seen if this moral hazard is mitigated before the new law goes fully into force. Without some mitigation measures one would expect assurance premiums to growth as habitancy select penalty over coverage and fewer habitancy are buying insurance. That will force more habitancy to exploit the situation again raising premiums, with the whole principles spiraling out of control.

Creating a Moral Hazard With condition Care Reform

Monday, August 8, 2011

condition Care Reform and Icd-10 - Find Out What's in Store For Your healing Coding vocation

Quality condition care relies on the maintenance and accuracy of outpatient records. With insurance coverage staggering to greatly expand under condition care reform, the role and significance of curative coders will greatly increase. In fact, their unique skills and training will play an prominent part in condition care reform and Icd-10 coding as a whole. Will you be ready?

According to the Obama administration, it will make "health care more affordable, make condition insurers more accountable, expand condition coverage to all Americans, and make the condition system sustainable." With an growth in the size and prevalence of the condition care system, it will mean higher work volume for today's curative coders.

Health Care Reforms

How condition Care Reform and Icd-10 Will affect Your Career

condition Care Reform and Icd-10 - Find Out What's in Store For Your healing Coding vocation

Under the new plan, Americans will experience:

Increased Affordability: More affordable insurance plans will enable 32 million more Americans to get coverage, with the anticipation that 95% of all Americans will be covered.
Longer Dependent Coverage: Under the new plan, parents will be allowed to keep their children on their condition plans until these dependents are 26 years old.
No More Pre-Existing Conditions: It will eliminate discrimination based on pre-existing conditions or curative history. If citizen haven't been able to get coverage because of a pre-existing condition, they will not be able to be denied covered in 2014.
More definite Records: The implementation of the Icd-10-Cm coding classification system will enable the U.S. To become compliant with the international coding system currently in use worldwide and contribute a more definite way to classify diagnoses, procedures, treatments, and more.

What does this mean for your curative coding career? The lowest line is that condition care reform will greatly growth the estimate of insured Americans. Many families and businesses who currently can't afford insurance will have an avenue toward coverage. Plus, the Icd-10 coding system will revolutionize the way condition data is classified - as there are new curative breakthroughs, there will be an effective way to capture and description this data.

Health care reform and Icd-10 will trigger significant changes in the curative coding industry. They will serve to pave the way for a greater need for trained curative coders. The growth in the estimate of insured individuals and claims, as well as the significant convert in the data system, will mean more jobs and opportunities for coding professionals. You can be prepared by embarking on a new curative coding career or improving your existing skill set with Icd-10 training and expert certification.

condition Care Reform and Icd-10 - Find Out What's in Store For Your healing Coding vocation

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Obama Faces GOP On Its Talking Points

Obama Faces GOP On Its Talking Points Video Clips. Duration : 85.92 Mins.

President Obama speaks to the GOP House Issues forum and debunks many talking points offered as questions by Republican House members.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Senator Dr. Alan Bates HB 3650 Transformation Bill Floor Speech

Senator Dr. Alan Bates HB 3650 Transformation Bill Floor Speech Video Clips. Duration : 4.93 Mins.

HB 3650 will transform Oregon's Health Care system SALEM -- The Oregon Senate approved landmark legislation this evening that creates a new approach to health care, improving the way Oregon serves the state's 600000 Medicaid beneficiaries while also cutting costs. HB 3650, often called the Health Care Transformation bill, is the product of many health care experts, the public, and a bipartisan group of legislators who met weekly throughout session with the goal of achieving better health outcomes by integrating and coordinating health care and using a global budget to control costs. "By coordinating physical health care with mental health, addiction services, and oral health, this bill will save money, save lives, and redirect the state's focus to smart, preventative care," said Senator Alan Bates (D-Medford), a practicing family physician of 35 years who helped lead the transformation movement from its inception. "This transformation will keep more Oregonians out of costly emergency room visits for chronic conditions and allow patients to receive better, more comprehensive care." HB 3650 is the blueprint for a new delivery system that will provide care to Medicaid beneficiaries through locally accountable coordinated care organizations (CCOs). The CCOs will be responsible for managing fixed global budgets to provide health care to individuals within each CCO's area. The CCO criteria that will be established include: • Provide choice, independence, and dignity; • Provide ...

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Young Turks Episode 9/02/09

Young Turks Episode 9/02/09 Video Clips. Duration : 51.90 Mins.

Find out more at

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Threats, Vandalism Follow Contentious Debate over US Health Care Bill

Threats, Vandalism Follow Contentious Debate over US Health Care Bill Tube. Duration : 3.57 Mins.

The heated debate that lead up to President Obama's signing of sweeping health care reforms has turned more menacing. Several Congressional Democrats say they feel in danger for their lives, after receiving death threats linked to their support for the legislation. VOA's Cindy Saine has more.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Obama's condition Plan Is dissimilar From the British Nhs

Many population want to get a new condition plan and they often compared the American condition Care theory to that of other condition systems from different nations. The National condition service of the British is one of the condition care theory that is often discussed. This is one of the systems that uses taxes to cover every population in the country. The new bill proposed by President Obama is quite different than the Nhs. Both condition systems should be looked at in order to avoid comparing them since they are not the same.

The British Nhs was founded in 1948 and has had many complications over the years. The plan takes 00 dollars out of taxpayer money to cover a singular person. This makes it easy for population to get curative attention without paying whatever out of their pocket. The physician visits and medicine are prepaid using earnings generated by taxation. population have to pay a small fee for prescribe medicines. Citizens can opt for buying their own hidden curative insurance.

Health Care Reforms

Obama's condition Plan is totally different from the British Nhs because it is not a condition care theory that covers the whole nation and because it does not furnish free curative insurance to the citizens of the United States. What this bill does is regulating the insurance industry and introduces new guidelines about fees and the responsibility of insurance companies towards their clients. This bill is not seeking to impose a tax on individuals who do not have insurance.

Obama's condition Plan Is dissimilar From the British Nhs

The president's new bill does not seek to give free curative insurance for people. It only tries to level the ground since most condition insurance companies bully the population or charge inordinate amounts of money for coverage.

Obama's condition Plan Is dissimilar From the British Nhs

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Muslim Exemption to Obamacare - Injurious Aspects of the Healthcare Reform Act

The sick person security and Affordable Care Act (Ppaca), the upcoming health assurance mandate (Obamacare) does not kick in until the year 2014 but it has already created controversy. One accusation in singular is that Muslims will be exempt from paying into the program. The act does not specifically exempt any singular religion from health assurance requirements. It does however include a general "religious conscious" clause which establishes a religious conscientious exemption. If your religion has an established history of spurning gambling then maybe you have a occasion of skipping out of the tax. Let's just bypass for a moment the injustice of my government placing one group of Americans over an additional one and seek the legalistic claim of gambling.

Is assurance easily a form of gambling? Gambling involves a obvious level of uncertainty but uncertainty does not equate to gambling. The purpose of assurance is to transfer risk elsewhere so that you are not burdened by catastrophic financial costs. In the event of property damage or loss for instance, the policy payout is not in the form of winnings but merely a "return of capital" to restore that asset to its pre-incident condition. In such an instance the settlement money received is not even taxed by the Irs. Distinction that with lottery and other gambling winnings which most easily are taxed.

Health Care Reforms

Even religions that do not allow gambling allow exceptions for obvious types of assurance which are required by law, such as automobile insurance, homeowner's assurance and communal security. That's right; U.S. Muslims pay into the communal security law and also accept communal security payments.

Muslim Exemption to Obamacare - Injurious Aspects of the Healthcare Reform Act

Oasdi, which stands for Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance, is a extensive federal benefits agenda that was established by Congress in 1935. The agenda includes resignation benefits, disability income, veteran's pension, communal housing, and even the food stamp program. The communal security tax is used to pay for the program. By law, the agenda is administered by the communal security Administration. Today we just commonly refer to this blessed agenda as "Social Security."

It is an assurance program. The government is prohibited from ordering you to pay assurance premiums and so therefore they prescribe the payroll contributions as a tax and use the Irs to regain the funds to pay for the whole thing. Oasdi (Social Security) is an assurance agenda and American Muslims are required to share in this program.

We are not perfect but Americans collectively believe in fairness. If government health care is required to provide benefits then all able recipients should be required to pay. What if you can opt out of Ppaca? If obvious groups collectively resolve not to share in government health care are we then to deny them medical attention? Are hospitals to potentially turn away injured and dying Muslims and their children because they refused to pay into the health system? Of policy not. If the benefits apply to everyone then so should the cost.

Let us take an additional one tack as we reconnoiter this gambling charge. As I sit here writing this record my personal communal security Statement shows that I have been paying communal security and Medicare taxes since the age of 16. The minimum legal gambling age in most states is either 18 or 21. If assurance is a form of gambling, then governments and even underground associates are breaking the law by collecting both communal security and Medicare taxes from minors. Since there is documented proof that my government forced me into sinful debauchery at such a young and impressionable age then America is guilty of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. If assurance equates to gambling then I interrogate a full refund plus interest, or at the very least some free therapy.

Muslim Exemption to Obamacare - Injurious Aspects of the Healthcare Reform Act

Monday, August 1, 2011

health Care Reform Is Causing Changes In Nursing Degree Programs

Health care reform is changing the study that colleges and universities furnish students in safe bet programs. Given that registered nurses, as a group, are said to form the many amount of condition care professionals, it might come as no surprise that nursing degree programs are a part of the changes. Nursing degrees are being altered and, in some instances, wide as a means of incorporating new standards and development it easier for working nurses to improve their degrees and train for leadership positions.

A university in Illinois, has added a new house nurse practitioner contribution to the nursing degree options that it already provides. The idea of this graduate degree would be to help train nurses to fill roles in primary care, which is a major focus of condition care reform. In November, a University of Michigan condition system article in fact recommend that a shortage of primary care physicians could ensue from this focus.

Health Care Reforms

Primary care providers, as part of condition care reform, would move to a model of care that's referred to as "primary care healing home." As the University of Michigan condition system article tells it, many patients tend to have habit follow-ups handled by specialists. By coordinating, supervising and delegating a patient's care at all ages, primary care providers might steer patients in a more approved direction for such care.

health Care Reform Is Causing Changes In Nursing Degree Programs

Students in the Illinois university's graduate nursing degree program learn about promoting condition as well as managing a patient's diseases throughout the course of a life time, according to an proclamation from the institution. The university offers someone else graduate nursing degree program in an area that's been a target for primary care as well: that of nurse practitioners.

States are increasingly allowing nurse practitioners to serve as primary care providers, according to the American College of Nurse Practitioners (Acnp). Many of these states already are already experiencing primary care supplier shortages, the Acnp notes. house and nurse practitioner programs like those at the Illinois university might be graduate level offerings, but more colleges and universities also are initiating Rn to Bsn and Rn to Msn offerings - or nursing degree programs that offer registered nurses quicker routes to developed degrees.

To meet new condition care standards, a New Orleans, La., university this year announced that it was development changes to an Rn-Bsn nursing degree program that it already offers. The changes had to do with the amount of upper department nursing courses that are being required and the types of nursing courses, the university proclamation suggested. Among the courses added and changed: condition Care Delivery Systems and course and data supervision and inpatient Care Technology.

More condition care providers are relying upon technology as a means of maintaining inpatient records, which is where inpatient care technology comes in. This year, after a expert relationship known as the Tri-Council for Nursing encouraged registered nurses to improve their degrees as a means of filling demands for nurse educators and developed institution nurses, a Cincinnati university announced that it was adding nursing degree programs in these areas. Bachelor's degrees aren't required for entry into the field of registered nursing, but registered nurses can save time toward these degrees as well as graduate degrees through offerings such as Rn to Bsn and Rn to Msn programs where they might receive credit for their palpate and what they already know.

A Minneapolis college this year announced that its new Rn to Bsn program, an interactive, online offering, would be beginning in January. In North Carolina, a college introduced a bachelor of science in nursing degree completion program for registered nurses who have obtained associate degrees.

health Care Reform Is Causing Changes In Nursing Degree Programs