Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rally Against Reproductive Rights and Health Care: Newport, RI, June 8, 2012

Rally Against Reproductive Rights and Health Care: Newport, RI, June 8, 2012 Tube. Duration : 41.35 Mins.

The Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rallies were held in over 160 cities across the country. Ten members of the Humanists of Rhode Island were on hand in Newport to counter protest the rally in Newport. 85 People attended the small gathering in Eisenhower Park at noon and the entire affair lasted for a bout an hour. The speeches were punctuated with brief intervals where copyrighted music was played, so the music has been removed. This rally has nothing to do with REAL religious freedom. What the people at this rally want is nothing less than theocracy, rule by religion, and such ideas must be vigorously opposed. As will be seen by watching this video, fear, paranoia and authoritarianism predominate in the speeches given by the organizers. Though it is claimed that this rally is organized by teens from a local youth ministry, it is clear that this rally was organized by Suzanne Kane with some help from the youths. The vast majority of those in attendance were over fifty years of age, which makes sense because most people are either in work or in school on a Friday afternoon. At the rally the Humanists of Rhode Island handed out the following flyers: STAND UP FOR REAL RELIGIOUS FREEDOM PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF AMERICANS TO CHOOSE FOR THEMSELVES The Humanists of Rhode Island fully support the First Amendment right of religious freedom. Such freedom to worship or not worship, according to one's beliefs, is guaranteed only by complete separation of church and state. The "Stand Up ...

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