Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Boehner on Meet the Press: "This Fight is Not Lost Yet"

Boehner on Meet the Press: "This Fight is Not Lost Yet" Video Clips. Duration : 14.37 Mins.

In an appearance this morning on NBCs Meet the Press, House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) previewed the partisan vote expected on the Democrats government takeover of health care. Boehner said that the American people want no part of this bill and have soundly rejected the 0 billion in tax increases and over 0 billion in Medicare cuts that will bankrupt our country. Boehner noted that Republicans, all year long, have offered common-sense reforms that will lower health care costs, and said that if this bill ever passes, Republicans will take action to repeal the Democrats government takeover of health care and replace it with real reforms. Lastly, Boehner commented on Republicans efforts to win back the Majority of the House to renew the fight for a smaller, less costly, more accountable government. Following are excerpts and full video of Boehners interview: BOEHNER ON PUSHING A MASSIVE GOVT TAKEOVER OF HEALTH CARE ON A PARTISAN VOTE: You have to think about this, 54 speeches by the President of the United States over the last year, a years conversation with the American people, and theyve been heavily engaged in this conversation for nine months. The Senate bills been out there now for three months and yet, after all of this hand wringing, all of this debate, millions of Americans upset on both sides of this debate, were about to make this historic change on a purely partisan vote. And I think if the American people stay engaged in this fight for the next ...

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