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The Most risky Cities in America

In November of 2009, compiled a list of the most dangerous cities in the United States. By analyzing Fbi crime data from cities with more than 500,000 residents, Forbes ranked each city in terms of murder, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and other violent crimes.

According to this study, Detroit, Michigan is currently the most dangerous city in the country. Known for a long history of violence dating to the 1960s, and current gang fights, Detroit has one of the top murder rates in the country. Other cities in the top 5 consist of Memphis, Miami, Las Vegas, and Stockton, California. The top 10 list includes New Orleans, Louisiana - not surprising, inspecting the upheaval caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In 2009, Gary Indiana dropped from the infamous top spot, which it held for any years, to the estimate three spot. Gary's crime rate, together with high statistics of rape and burglary, leave something to be desired. Also coming in at the top of the list are North Charleston (South Carolina), Richmond (California), Birmingham (Alabama), Flint (Michigan), and Oakland (California).

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All five of the country's most dangerous cities in 2009 are known drug transit points for Mexican drug cartels, according to the branch of Justice. Drug gangs fighting over territory can be found in each of these dangerous cities, together with violence resulting from the Mexican drug feud that already causes the deaths of 10,000 Mexican citizens each year. Stockton, in particular, has seen a new growth in drug gangs and associated crimes over the past few years, as it becomes known as a transit point for drugs entering the country from Mexico.

The Most risky Cities in America

In increasing to drug-related crimes, each of the country's most dangerous cities is also home to its own particular problems. These are not new developments, however. The cities on the list have been riddled with crime for decades, as once-bustling cities face declining populations, resulting in a city with few resources and a high level of crime. This phenomenon has been repeatedly cited in the case of Detroit and its loss of the automotive industry, for example. Particularly with the current economic climate, it seems like few of the hardest-hit cities will be making any big improvements in the way of safety anytime soon. Hard-hit governments find it even more difficult to come up with the money for crime prevention and collective safety.

What can be done about rising crime rates in America's most dangerous cities? This past spring, President Obama met with Mexican President Felipe Calderon to discuss ways to fight the drug war. In increasing to stronger police forces and other large-scale change, there are ways to protect yourself from violent crime. Either you live in an urban area known for rising crime rates, or in a relatively isolated subdivision, you can be proactive about your self defense. No matter where you live, it's prominent to be aware of those around you. Use common sense home safety methods, such as locking windows and doors, and installing adequate outdoor lighting. For supplementary protection, install safety alarms, or place a dummy safety camera outside your home. Carry pepper spray or a stun gun in your bag. Crime can happen anywhere, at any time, even if your city did not make the top ten list.

The Most risky Cities in America

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