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Did God speak a Curse on the White House For 2012?

This report first appeared 31 Dec. 2007. It was last updated Oct. 15, 2011. The 2007 date is foremost in order to show that it was essentially an strict prediction, even with updates, some of which are called to your attention with [brackets].

Will Elijah & Elisha Purge Washington of Corruption?

Health Care Reforms

In Old Testament time, Elijah was part of a movement to purge the two governments of Israel and Judea. Over 1,000 leaders were dead by the time the purge ended.

Did God speak a Curse on the White House For 2012?

In Malachi, we read that an end-time ministry of Elijah's would repeat just before the return of Jesus Christ. We are told that a ministry of an end-time Elijah would be needful in order to save the nation. If our end-time Elijah were to fail, God would give up on the United States and destroy it.

Are we to understand that an end-time Elijah and an end-time Elisha will clean up Washington Dc in order to prevent God from destroying the United States?

It is true that corruption is out of control at this time in American history. And, leaders are not taking serious performance to control whether corruption or themselves. On the contrary, they are avoiding serious action. They like things just as they are.

Can we seriously believe in an end-time Elijah?

Everything in this report is a prediction. But, this report contains thriving predictions that are based on in-depth Bible study.

For example, in 1991 this same study successfully unbelievable the determination of an unknown candidate named Bill Clinton to the presidency in 1993. At the same time it unbelievable the hereafter position of his wife, Hillary Clinton, in the White House. She need not be president.

That was 16 years ago. Those thriving predictions demonstrate the accuracy of this singular Bible study. This same study has also revealed a arrival purge of hundreds of government leaders in the Us and the death of the British prime minister. The purge would end in 2015 or 2016.

This Bible study compares our contemporary world to the antique world. It assumes that history repeats itself. As a matter of fact, it predicts that history will repeat itself roughly exactly. The United States and Britain are about to repeat history.

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. G. Santayana, philosopher

This Bible study draws a parallel between the Government of the United States and the government of antique Israel, which had its capital in Samaria. We would say that Samaria became Washington Dc. At the same time this study draws a parallel between the Government of Britain and the government of Judea, which had its capital in Jerusalem. We would say that Jerusalem became London.

There was a time span of 22 years during which wicked King Ahab ruled Israel. If dates by historians were dependable, we would correspond that span of time with 1989 to 2012. Jezebel, the treacherous wife of Ahab, reined for a few years after Ahab died. [Since God would shorten time in the end time, we might form the end of end-time Jezebel to be 2015 or 2016.]

Inset-At this point, I hate to confuse the reader with technicalities. If you are a casual reader, just skip over this inset. Ahab's reign corresponds to two overlapping presidential reigns. One reign is the Bush family reign, which was from 1989 to 2008. The other reign is the Clinton/Hillary reign, which will have been from 1993 to 2012. Hillary would continue past 2012, because Jezebel continued to reign after Ahab died.

Timelines indicate that God activated Elijah 3 years into the reign of Ahab. That corresponds to 1991. So, the end-time ministry of Elijah would be a 22-year span from 1991 to 2012. End-time Elijah is one of God's Two Witnesses. So, the ministry of God's Two Witnesses would usually have been from 1991 to 2012. However, they would continue after 2012 because Elijah would perfect his ministry straight through the Two Witnesses. (When God took Elijah to Heaven, it was to metaphorically interpret that the ministry of Elijah was postponed until the end of time. In the end of time, Elijah would return from Heaven in order to continue his ministry.)

After the ministry of Elijah, God continued to destroy the dynasty of Ahab and Jezebel straight through the ministry of Elisha. The end-time ministries of both Elijah and Elisha would deal with corrupt leaders in the governments of the United States and Britain.

The sons of Ahab ruled for some years after the death of Ahab. In other words, corrupt presidents would continue after 2012. (We need to give some leeway for dates because historians give different dates for Ahab and his sons.) The end of Jezebel and her evil sons could correspond to a forces coup in 2015 or 2016.

Read your Bible to ascertain upcoming events straight through comparison. Queen Jezebel continued Ahab's dynasty after Ahab died in battle. But, she was not a monarch because Ahab's sons reigned as kings. You can read in the second Book of Kings about the end of Ahab's family dynasty and how God used an army commander named Jehu to restore a pro-God government.

There could be more than one Us Army normal who shares identifying characteristics with normal Jehu. Two possibilities could be normal Colin Powell and normal David Petraeus because they were in war, Queen Elizabeth knighted them, they are pro-God and whether of them would jump at a opening to come to be a president of the United States, even if the position were not achieved straight through the normal determination process.

Sometime in 2015 or a following year, two Us Army Generals could intervene in Washington Dc in order to save the Us Government. The assent of end-time Jehu would not be by normal determination procedure, and it would be called a forces coup in our time. The strict identity of end-time Jehu, along with the year of their coup, will come to be clearer as the event draws near.] -Inset End

Why did I choose the year 2012 as a transitional year? That would be the year that Jesus Christ would begin to save the Government of the United States by eliminating presidents that were too corrupt. The year 2012 was in case,granted by prophecy timelines that were encoded into the Washington Monument and our National Seal by America's Christian Forefathers. Those timelines give the dates of end-time events affecting the governments of the United States and Britain.

In the 22 years that lead up to 2012 Ad, government decisions and policies are comparable to those decisions and policies of wicked King Ahab and his treacherous wife Jezebel.

British Prime ministers are compared to righteous King Jehoshaphat. This is a very convenient comparison. Jehoshaphat had only one vice that God was angry about; Jehoshaphat linked with Ahab and Jezebel. In the end-time, we would say that Prime Ministers John Majors and Tony Blair had only one fault that angered God. They linked with American presidents.

God cursed roughly all things that Ahab and Jezebel did. Jehoshaphat could only lose by joining Jews to Israelites. Today, we would say that British prime ministers could only lose by thoughprovoking their nation with the ventures of American presidents.

As of 2007, Great Britain has had righteous leadership in the eyes of God. But, British leadership will change. That turn is not thorough to God. And, He is going to do something drastic about it [probably in 2015 or 2016].

History of the Masonic Calendar

If we were to seriously compare Old Testament Israel to the United States, we would terminate that there is now a curse on the nation's leadership.

The Forefather's Prophecy Calendar identifies the year 2012 as the time of the end of Elijah's work. Elijah's work was generally about the purging of corrupt Ahab. So, Elijah's 22-year ministry ran parallel to the 22-year reign of Ahab. In order words, we would expect end-time Ahab and his evil sons to die sometime between 2012 and 2015 Ad. [We use some leeway with dates because historians give different dates.]

The span of years of the curse on the White House and 10 Downing road is understood with the aid of a divine calendar of events that God had created before He created the Earth. In my opinion, the history of this fantastic timeline is the history of Freemasonry.

Enoch discovered this magical calendar of events. Enoch might have been the first Freemason, other than God Himself. Enoch drew the timeline onto paper as an architectural drawing. Like Elijah, Moses, Daniel and John, Enoch has an end-time ministry in the bodies of the Two Witnesses of God.

Bible students have long debated about the identities of God's Two Witnesses. Some say that one is Enoch. Some say that one is Moses. Some say that one is Elijah. And they could also be Daniel and John because those two prophets were told that they would prophecy again in the end time.

The truth is that all these citizen reappear in the bodies of God's Two Witnesses. You might ask why Enoch, of all people, would reappear in the bodies of God's Two Witnesses. It is Enoch's magical timeline of end-time events that reappears with God's Two Witnesses.

This antique drawing is being used by God's Two Witnesses to understand end-time prophecy. With the aid of Enoch's timeline, they are able to write books that unseal prophecy and provide dates of end-time events for Christian readers.

Although Enoch was the one to put the divine calendar onto paper as an architectural drawing, others used the drawing to build monuments. The Great Pyramid was the first Freemason monument to God that we know of. Job could have been a genius who used Enoch's drawing to understand the Great Pyramid. The way that God spoke to Job indicates that Job was an architectural genius. The actual construction of the Great Pyramid might have been done by yet other genius at a prior time.

Regardless, the divine calendar was encoded into the Great Pyramid. That is why the Pyramid has prophetic abilities. One might think that the Great Pyramid is just a pile of rocks. Some experts say that it is fantastic that antique man was thoughprovoking sufficient to make a pile of rocks. The truth is that the Great Pyramid is by far mankind's most achievement. It required far more genius than the trip to the moon required.

Mankind might be a thousand years away from developing a computer that could tell the hereafter in the way that the Great Pyramid has for 5,000 years. For example, it is fantastic that the inventor of the Great Pyramid knew that an American president (who turned out to be President George Bush Ii) would sign papers to begin the War on Terrorism on exactly September 17, 2001. That date had mystified Egyptologists for two centuries.

Another way of stating this phenomenon is that today's most fine computers cannot match the computing quality of a pile of rocks that was assembled 5,000 years ago.

We never cease to stand like thoughprovoking children before the great strangeness into which we were born. -Einstein

The craftsmen who created the Tabernacle of God used the same architectural drawing that was used to construct the Great Pyramid. Moses was given divine insight with which to supervise construction of God's Tabernacle. This is why it is said that Moses is one of God's Two Witnesses. In a sense, the Two Witnesses of God are construction the last Tabernacle of God, which is spiritual in nature and is composed of Christians (Book of Zechariah).

The most recent architectural use of the divine calendar was the Washington Monument. Because the divine calendar was used, the monument also has prophetic abilities to complement those of the Great Pyramid and the Tabernacle of God.

It is this singular monument that speaks about the purge that is about to come upon the Us Government and the British Government. This makes sense because Masonic Forefathers were implicated about America's future, about presidents and about leaders of Western nations who would be in office as events of the end time transpired.

We can thank God that He is content to purge Western governments of corrupt leaders rather than destroy our popular nation and other representative governments of the world.

Unless the Lord had shortened those days, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect, whom He chose, He shortened the days. (Mark 13:20)

The divine calendar clearly shows a compressing of time in the years that lead up to 2022, the Day of Judgment. Years are reduced to fractions. This shortening of time is good because we do not want God to be too angry with our leaders for too long. Innocent citizens could get hurt as collateral damage.

God rules Christian Israel

America's Christian Forefathers were dead serious about the United States Government being under God.

After God threw antique Israelites out of His sight and disowned Jerusalem, He began the creation of a new nation of Israel that would be spiritual in nature.

The Lord had said: I will put Judah out of my sight as I put Israel out of my sight. I will reject Jerusalem, the city that I chose, and I will reject the temple where I said my name would be. (2 Kings 23:27)

God created Christian Europe in composition with the Christian United States as His new spiritual Nation of Israel. The United States is New Testament Israel. Washington Dc is a New Testament Jerusalem. Elijah is a prophet of and to New Testament Israel, and he will purge Israel's government as he did before.

In a sense, the White House and 10 Downing road are Christ's dwelling places. So, He would not put up with corruption for long. He would clean the house when necessary. If this Bible study has accurately interpreted prophecy, a purge is arrival very soon and many leaders of today will not be leaders of tomorrow.

Your leaders were not my choices

A citizen might think that leaders are chosen in a fair process. Nowadays, nothing could be added from the truth. Campaigns are firmly in the control of corporate donors.

As a succeed of this situation, corporations put corrupt puppets into the White House and into Congress. Federal judges and supreme Court judges are selected because they will be activist puppets.

They have set up kings [presidents], but not ones who would agree with me: they have made princes [senators & representatives] who did not know me [infidels]: of their silver and their gold have they made them idols, that they may be cut off [they took lobby money so that they would not have to rejoinder to voters]. (Hosea 8:4) [my inserts]

So, the truth is that neither God nor man puts our government leaders in power. As a result, power is exercised in darkness and citizens are cheated at every turn. A corrupt ideas has developed that needs a radical correction. An end-time Elijah needs to initiate that change.

And I will stretch over Jerusalem the line of Samaria, and the plummet of the house of Ahab: and I will wipe Jerusalem as a man wipeth a dish, wiping it, and turning it upside down. (2 Kings 21:13)

The term wipeout pertains to the year 2015 or 2016 because many leaders could categorically be wiped out by the end of that year.

There might not be fire from Heaven like there was in the time of the first Elijah. Then again, terrorist attacks could be involved. Terrorists categorically have brought fire out of heaven, as was the case with 9-11.

Perhaps leaders will topple other leaders until only the good ones remain. That would be a naïve hope.

The social/political environment of Old Testament Israel verged on civil war. So, America could be near all-out civil war. A bad cheaper would provoke group unrest. We do see frightening signs of drought and diseases. Respected economists are warning of other Great Depression. Violent confrontations between left and right activists could trigger civil war.

Poetic Justice

How would corrupt leaders be purged? It is apparent from reading the Bible that God likes corrupt citizen to get poetic justice.

That means that corrupt leaders would meet their fates in the same manner they harmed others. For example, a president who had privately arranged the downfall of an innocent person would fall in the same manner.

I do not want to graphically quote the upcoming situation so I use the term downfall. If you want more graphic descriptions of conditions, read the Books of Kings.

God to choose two Us forces generals

What is on the other side of the purge? By the end of 2016, or a year soon thereafter, God will have put an abrupt end to the end-time dynasty of Ahab and Jezebel.

The year 2012 marks the time that God will have begun to save the Government of the United States by taking direct performance to eliminate corrupt presidents. That direct performance would reverse 66.6 years of corruption and error on the part of presidents, congressmen and judges.

When we compare the report of Old Testament Israel to the report of New Testament Israel, we see that the United States has not had an thorough president since Franklin Roosevelt in 1945. God intends to place a new Franklin Roosevelt into the presidency.

It could be that we may need other Franklin Roosevelt because the nation will be in exactly the same economic, political and group situation that it was in during the Great depression and World War Ii. We are categorically thoughprovoking toward Wwiii (Armageddon) as nuclear weapons proliferate while aggressive regimes threaten world peace.

The two Us forces generals that God chooses would carry the same burdens that were carried by President Franklin Roosevelt.

[Update 3-11-2010: Colin Powell and David Petraeus could be two Us generals to assume control in Washington Dc in order to save the Us Government. The power of these generals would not be assumed straight through the normal determination process. The fancy that God would choose forces generals could be to take His citizen straight through violent domestic situations at the same time they go straight through the Battle of Armageddon.

Either normal David Petraeus and normal Colin Powell could be the normal that God chooses to come to be President in 2015 or 2016, because they both have definite characteristics that match normal Jehu who was anointed by God to come to be King of Old Testament Israel.]

There is other huge fancy that God would choose Colin Powell to be president or vice president. But, there is not sufficient room in this report to interpret it.

Suffice it to say that God has been preparation Black Americans for positions of leadership. I say ready because all things in Powell's life has been part of his training for the presidency or vice presidency.

Powell was predestined to be a general. He was predestined to have an endearing group persona. He stands out from corrupt leaders because he is a categorically decent person.

When Queen Elizabeth knighted both Petraeus and Powell, she might not have realized the profound importance of her action. It was providential. She gave normal Petraeus and normal Powell some powers over the British Government. The Queen could call on Sir Powell or Sir Petraeus to do her will in Britain. The next ruler of Britain could do the same.

Lawyers might interpret the legal dynamics involved. There are Biblical laws to take into consideration. God arranged the knighting of both Petraeus and Powell because He intends to clean house in 10 Downing road at the same time He cleans house in Washington Dc [probably in 2015 or soon thereafter].

The knighting of Sir David Petraeus and Sir Colin Powell was a legal maneuver on God's part in order to give Petraeus and Powell authority and power to do the Queen's will if she requests it. It could also have been a precautionary move on the part of Queen Elizabeth because, ultimately, she must defend the British Government from enemies that are both foreign and domestic.

Powell, a New Deal Republican

Assuming that the singular normal whom God will have chosen to lead the upcoming coup, he has a daunting domestic agenda. A human could not accomplish it alone. But, God is firmly behind Powell and he cannot fail unless he purposely slacks off. I do not think he is a slacker.

Powell's agenda is essentially to undo all the wrong that was done by previous presidents for 66.6 years (April 1945-November 2012). The estimate 666 is not just a coincidence. It is a sign to us that leaders during this 66.6-year span have been men who have followed the ways of the Beast and preyed upon citizens.

God intends to replace those who succeed the ways of the Beast with men who succeed God and have a pro-citizen agenda. The following are part of Powell's agenda as I see it.

[Update Aug-28-2009: between Fdr death, April-12-1946 and election, Nov-6-2012, are 66 years, 6 months and 6 days. 24314 days or 66.6 years]

Powell must prevent hereafter presidents from committing American forces to endless and winless wars such as the one fought in Korea in the 40s. Powell must control the forces commercial involved that came to power in the 50s. Powell must check the tyrannical inclination of egotistical presidents. Arrogant presidents must not prevent generals from winning wars, such as the Vietnamese War. Powell must considered supervise group programs such as those that had begun in the 60s; if he doesn't make them efficient, fair and foolproof, taxpayers will resent them. Powell must restore leisure of speech to ministers. President Johnson who wrote Irs laws that are clearly unconstitutional purposely nullified their leisure of speech in the 60s. There is no place in the United States that an American citizen, along with a minister, cannot talk about politics. He can talk about politics regardless of the construction he is in, be it a church or a government building. Powell must insure that presidents cannot abuse their power and accomplish criminal acts such as spying on political opponents. Powell must bring corporations back under policing of government agencies. Unbridled and shameless greed among corporate leaders has resulted in outsourced jobs and lower wages. To add to the miserable economic situation of American employees, energy corporations have pillaged American consumers at every opportunity. Regulations and government oversight were hard won accomplishments during the leadership of giants like Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt. Powell must end the disinterest and elitism that is characteristic of aristocratic presidents from privileged families. Powell must end campaign corruption by thoroughly outlawing the lobby industry. It has turned the whole government into a whorehouse where politicians do tricks for corporations. And every trick hurts American citizens. Genuine campaign reforms must end All political donations. Campaigns must be restricted to government operated Tv, radio and Internet sites. Genuine tax reform must be enacted so that corrupt and out-of-control officials and their employees no longer victimize citizens. A sales tax would save citizens from asset loss, exploitation and suicides. A flat tax would be a poor second alternative because citizens could still have their asset taken away on bogus grounds. asset could still be taken away straight through the use of outrageous compounded interest and penalties. Victims would still be driven to suicide. Future presidents must be expelled from office for immoral acts that quote a base and predatory character. Authority and power must return to citizens. The imperial presidency must end forever. Presidents should not have the authority to wage ongoing wars, such as the Iraqi War, without declarations of war by Congress and the vote of the public. Presidents must be forbidden to act in secrecy to originate economic empires such as the one that is now being created between Canada, Mexico and the United States. Presidents must not be allowed to keep the borders of the United States open for the mass invasion of illegal laborers. This has been done at the behest of employers in the commercial and farming sectors. Illegal laborers take American jobs, undermine wages, overflow charities, drain group services and originate impoverished environments where crime and group problems are cancers on society. Employers encourage illegal labor for the strict purpose of creating a slave labor class that can be exploited and abused with impunity. Such employers need to be imprisoned. Presidents must not be allowed to use tax money to finance the movement of American jobs to foreign nations. Presidents must keep jobs in America so that American workers have jobs. Presidential candidates and acting presidents must be required to take urine and drug tests because drugs can cause risky thinking and emotional problems. Citizens must be protected from presidents, congressmen and judges with drug-related thinking and emotional problems that strength them to assume and exert dictatorial powers.

Trickle down corruption

At this point, we see that this report has returned to the subject that it began with, which is the purging of government by God straight through an end-time Elijah. We see why a purge would be most welcome and needful in order to save the nation from self-destruction.

We can understand why God must start at the top of society and purge it of corrupt leaders. It is understood by the phrase, trickle down. After corrupt leaders are eliminated, there will be no more corruption to trickle down.

If you do not like the concept, blame it on one of our presidents. He used the phrase trickle down economics. The phrase is very elitist and reveals the condescending association between presidents and citizens.

I hope I have made the end-time work of Elijah more real and logical for you. I hope that you see the need for a purge. I hope that you remember this report when the turnover of leaders seems abnormally high in the years ahead.

Did God speak a Curse on the White House For 2012?

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