Thursday, February 2, 2012

Earn Income With Silver and Gold Home Business

Earn Income With Silver and Gold Home Business Video Clips. Duration : 5.85 Mins. Earn Income With Silver and Gold Home Business Preservation of Wealth vs. Nutrition MLM How to Earn Money With Silver and Gold coins. Referral, network marketing, mlm, Preservation of Wealth, ISA, Numis Network. at Cost wholesale bullion The Federal Reserve is Responsible for the last 2 Decades of Economic Turmoil!!! 1. Beginning with the Savings & Loan crisis in 1990, each engineered crisis is growing in intensity and carnage. First, there was the Internet bubble crash then the Real Estate bubble meltdown and now we are at the footsteps of an unprecedented acceleration of price increases in food and energy. In 2007, commodity prices soared when there was actually a slowdown in the global economy. There was no reason for commodity prices to go ballistic at that time, except for federal reserve intervention. The price of oil went from to 7. High gas prices actually burdened the average US consumer with an additional "tax" of five hundred billion dollars. That 500 billion dollar "hidden tax" was ONE of many reasons, we are IN the current Great (NON) Recession. (The US Dollar Index is Worthless) 2. On CNBC they often point to the dollar index and state that a weaker dollar is good for the export economy. Currently US Dollar index looks bad - but it actually means nothing because it is being compared to other world wide fiat currencies undergoing massive debasement. Worldwide central banks, seem to be ...

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