Saturday, August 6, 2011

Senator Dr. Alan Bates HB 3650 Transformation Bill Floor Speech

Senator Dr. Alan Bates HB 3650 Transformation Bill Floor Speech Video Clips. Duration : 4.93 Mins.

HB 3650 will transform Oregon's Health Care system SALEM -- The Oregon Senate approved landmark legislation this evening that creates a new approach to health care, improving the way Oregon serves the state's 600000 Medicaid beneficiaries while also cutting costs. HB 3650, often called the Health Care Transformation bill, is the product of many health care experts, the public, and a bipartisan group of legislators who met weekly throughout session with the goal of achieving better health outcomes by integrating and coordinating health care and using a global budget to control costs. "By coordinating physical health care with mental health, addiction services, and oral health, this bill will save money, save lives, and redirect the state's focus to smart, preventative care," said Senator Alan Bates (D-Medford), a practicing family physician of 35 years who helped lead the transformation movement from its inception. "This transformation will keep more Oregonians out of costly emergency room visits for chronic conditions and allow patients to receive better, more comprehensive care." HB 3650 is the blueprint for a new delivery system that will provide care to Medicaid beneficiaries through locally accountable coordinated care organizations (CCOs). The CCOs will be responsible for managing fixed global budgets to provide health care to individuals within each CCO's area. The CCO criteria that will be established include: • Provide choice, independence, and dignity; • Provide ...

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