Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Assholes of Socialist Health-Care Reforms - Social Medicine - Government Run Healthcare System

Assholes of Socialist Health-Care Reforms - Social Medicine - Government Run Healthcare System Tube. Duration : 8.02 Mins.

Song "America Will Be Great Again" by Rafael Brom www.marianland.com Music by Rafael Brom Cosmotone Records - Cosmotone Music (ASCAP) www.cosmotonerecords.com Rafael Brom www.rafaelbrom.com Free MP3 Music Downloads http Radio Stations Playing Music of Rafael Brom www.rafaelbrom.com Iffreedom and democracy are to survive, it will take a miracle a miracle that only dedication and commitment can bring about. After the technological and intellectual revolutions, a moral revolution is necessary. When trapped in a world of indolence, incompetence and impotence, when challenged by ambivalence, arrogance and aggression, when you feel insignificant, you can and must do your duty! You know the needs of your family, your neighbor, your town, your state and your community. You have here a duty to perform. lt is not important that others are bad, lazy, and dishonest. It is important that you are good, diligent, and honest. It is not important that others lie, scheme, and destroy. It is important that you are hard at work to maintain our democracy, justice, and peace. There is no time to waste. The revolutionary forces shaking the earth have converged upon us, presenting us with difficult choices with a need for action, for ideas, for concerted and sustained commitment as a nation and as individuals. We must meet the challenge with the conviction of our beliefs. We must remember that as Americans by birth or by choice we are heirs to a permanent, continuing, liberating revolution. Our ...

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