Tuesday, August 23, 2011

health assurance and designate medicine Costs

One of the biggest issues that the United States of America faces is the issue of health care. We hear the politicians talking about it in their campaigns for presidency. They say they are going to bring some relief and reform when it comes to the way that health care is dealt with in this country. The fact of the matter is for industrialized nations the Usa has some of the worst health care policies.

The Elderly and Medicare

Health Care Reforms

I've had the chance to talk with some elderly citizen who have Medicare and because of their health health need many medications. It is very sad to hear about the plight of these people. Some have to choose between the medicines that have been prescribed for them and the other necessities of life that they have. Prescribe drug coverage is also quite confusing for the elderly. This is due to government structuring.

health assurance and designate medicine Costs

The Cost of Medicine

The health guarnatee commerce uses what is called a co-pay to share the cost of medicine with you. It seems that this price is increasing. Let me give you an example. My father was prescribed a medicine by his doctor. At our local pharmacy the price of the co-pay was very high so he did not get it. Instead he checked the internet for prices. To buy the medicine alone from a legitimate web site would be just a few dollars more than what he was paying for the co-pay.

It should be duly noted that it is not just the guarnatee companies who are at fault. Drug companies looking to make huge profits often run up the price of medicine. And with competition in the Us store being puny to only Us companies by the government that only makes things easy for them to use that tactic.

To quit it seems like this is a qoute that needs to be addressed by man who is not about the bottom line but instead about us the people. Or else we will only see the same at the drug stores.

health assurance and designate medicine Costs

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