Thursday, July 28, 2011

health Care Reform update

A year ago the Tea Party was protesting against the discrete health care bills being floated around Washington. Town Hall meetings were getting started and the politicians soon realized their constituents had concerns and voiced them. Most of us were trying to understand what the discrete options meant and how they might sway the wellbeing of our personel families. The details of the beloved legislation have moved out of the backrooms and slowly surfaced for us to see.

Health care passed on a snowy night just before Christmas, under less than open circumstances and cries of foul, bribery and political payoffs surrounded the whole affair. This single piece of sweeping legislation put the government in charge of health care, which represents a sixth the Gdp (Gross Domestic Product).

Health Care Reforms

Some say this is good, since 32 million uninsured Americans will now have health care coverage. Politicians have argued that the government plan will save money, but as elements of the more than two-thousand page bill come to be understood, it is apparent this was at best wishful mental and at worst an outright lie. That's for you to decide.

health Care Reform update

It seems, however, that the American group is not buying the health care plan, because 56% of likely voters favor repealing the current bill. A up-to-date Rasmussen poll also showed 62% of those surveyed expect health care will add to the spiraling national debt, 53% believe their care will get worse and 61% say healing costs will go up.

Those receiving Medicare benefits appear to be caught in the grip of an ever-tightening vice. The government intends to slash Medicare spending by 0 billion straight through managing waste, fraud and abuse. Since such steps could have been taken anytime over the years, it appears as if this is just more political chatter. Folks 65+ are involved they are going to be nickel and dimed to death straight through a series of small taxes and fees topped off with poorer capability care. Not a promising expectation for a graying America.

Next, taxes will be levied on withdrawal benefits. Increased capital gains will have the ensue of reducing the net earnings for New Seniors, manufacture it impossible for investment portfolios to attain previous highs as requisite is needed to cover living expenses. An energy tax, cap and trade, looms on the horizon as does the Vat (national sales tax). Implementation of aforementioned programs could sell out net dollars those on fixed incomes by maybe 10 to 25%. Plus the previous administration's tax cuts are about to expire. This, in effect, would be a gigantic tax hike for many.

The above programs are far reaching and interconnected in many ways. The real impact of them will not be realized for years to come. But Americans don't like the unknown. Even worse are surprises, which throw the citizenry for a loop. That's why everybody must come to be informed and be sure to vote in November for candidates who understand and share your points-of-view. But for New Seniors it may be a matter of survival.

health Care Reform update

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