Wednesday, July 20, 2011

condition Care Reform debate - single Payer Vs The social option

There are three options facing the United States in today's condition care reform debate, what follows is a assess and disagreement between those three options.

(1) No Real Change

Health Care Reforms

The first selection is to not make a needful convert to the system. This is the selection of the guarnatee manufactures which is production billions of dollars of profits even during this economic recession. This is the selection being pushed by the Republicans and "Blue Dog" Democrats in the House & Senate since they are effectively bought off by the guarnatee industry. This is also the selection we can speedily dismiss because we cannot continue on the same road we are on now.

condition Care Reform debate - single Payer Vs The social option

The principles we have now is seriously broken. It costs more than any other principles in the world and yet our actual condition care is far worse than many other nations. The Us condition principles is ranked #37 in the world by the World condition organization and we rank #50 in life expectancy (yes that means the population in 49 countries live longer than we do on average.) We have about 50 million uninsured people. Furthermore this is more than just a condition issue, it's also an economic issue. If our current principles is left unchanged it will bankrupt our nation.

(2) The social Option

The second selection is "The social Option." This is being pushed by President Obama and by most of the Democrats in the House & Senate. It allows for the creation of a "public condition guarnatee plan" much like Medicare. This plan would allow population to whether stick with their current condition care guarnatee or to choose the government plan instead.

This would drive down costs because the government plan would be less expensive than the incommunicable guarnatee plans ready now, and the new competition would force down prices at the incommunicable guarnatee companies. So even if you do not choose the social selection yourself, it would indubitably ensue you.

The social selection is a compromise between the first position of no convert and the 3rd position which is true universal condition care known as "single payer."

(3) single Payer

The "Single Payer" is the government. This means that everyones condition care needs would be covered by a government condition care plan. It would work somewhat like Medicare except instead of only obvious population being eligible, every American would be.

This would greatly sell out costs and paperwork. It would cover every single American with no questions asked. It would most likely ensue in far great condition coverage for Americans. Other countries have in place similar condition care systems and they spend far less than we do on condition care and get far great condition care results and live longer than we do. Simply put this is the obvious selection that we should be making.

The qoute is that it would effectively kill the condition guarnatee manufactures and they are far too suited in Washington to let that happen. That means while this is definitely the right selection for the American people, we are unlikely to see it indubitably happen because too many rich fat cats have corrupted our political system.

condition Care Reform debate - single Payer Vs The social option

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