Thursday, July 14, 2011

condition Care Burnout: looking A New Way To Make It All Work To Our advantage

Today I received an email from my state senator concerning condition care and its issues, programs and priorities. Although the topic of option in the report centered around the current condition care ideas and its federal funding priorities, the report did also state the constituents views of each and every habitancy of the state was important to this cause.

My response therefore to his request for retrial continues below:

Health Care Reforms

Dear Mr. ------,

condition Care Burnout: looking A New Way To Make It All Work To Our advantage

If you would like to know my true views concerning condition care, when are we as a nation going to stop depending on the pharmaceutical commerce to supply us with answers to condition care?

If they would well learn to issue a true cure to Anything, they would well be contributing to their own demise. If they cure a person, they do not have a returning customer.

If they temporarily cut the symptoms of a condition, there is a pretty darn good occasion an additional one outbreak of the same condition will be forthcoming in the future, thus a new round of medications will be needed to cut the symptoms once again.

See the plan here, we are always dependent on the pharmaceutical commerce in this scholar plan. Being the head of a small business myself, this procedure sure does make sense for the pharmaceutical industry. Pads their bottom line on a continuous basis.

Conventional rehabilitation will always be looking out for themselves, it is their customary purpose in an developed society.

Alternative rehabilitation though, many habitancy scoff at the ideas of well healing a condition. But with the right practitioner, the right therapy and the help of God (for those with a practicing faith), often a true cure is possible.

Why are we so gullible that we are supposed to believe a bunch of chemicals and synthetic compounds are supposed to have more (and better) effects than the medicinal qualities found in the plants, minerals and foods that we were given on this earth to preserve life.

Isn't it fantastic how a bird, a butterfly, an elephant, an ape etc. Can form out how to heal their family's ills with the materials in their world around them, but we need our relief out of a bottle. That sure says a lot about our intelligence level, doesn't it?

I will be the first to admit, alternative rehabilitation does have its trials and tribulations also which can lead to inferior care. But as a society in this developed nation, because so much money is "thrown around" by the pharmaceutical companies, we as a society sure are always ready to jump at their beck and call.

What a sorry lot we have come to be that we as a nation let a few fellowships (with lots of money) tell us how to run the business of running our life and our government.

So, in conclusion, what are the chances that the government of this country can realize the point of trying an additional one way for condition care reform. The current ideas is obviously broken. Can't we at least give an additional one ideas a try, by the option of the people?

Every situation in life has options. And yet, somehow and for some reason, we as a country allow a few to tell us how we will escort our lives pertaining to our own condition and time to come happiness.

condition Care Burnout: looking A New Way To Make It All Work To Our advantage

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