Tuesday, April 12, 2011

health Reform and healing Physicians

Our entire curative condition care principles is experiencing an upheaval because of the tube of The inpatient security and Affordable Care Act. Many of our curative physicians have left the country for foreign shores where they can custom rehabilitation without government restrictions. Other curative physicians have notified their inpatient base they are windup the custom leaving millions of individuals to hunt for a new curative physician.

The citizens who are being directly affected the most are our senior citizens even though they were promised they would continue to visit with the physician they were accustomed to visiting for help and advice. The difficulty is that there are few doctors who will think accepting Medicare and Medicaid patients because of the drop of the repayment rate the government is now offering.

Health Care Reforms

The new provisions in the condition reform bill call for mandated low-cost condition assurance for all citizens and the direct movement into a curative home to curtail the widespread cost of curative care and services. The problem with this consists of the lack of physicians that remain open for new ideas and inpatient loads. There just aren't enough doctors to take care of the newly recommend inpatient workload. All citizens will be saddled with an average monthly cost for condition assurance that will become unaffordable.

health Reform and healing Physicians

In order for the government to fulfill the requirements for more curative home care, being available to all citizens under the mandated law there would need to be a hiring of hundreds of thousands of additional physicians. The question is whether or not all the newly hired doctors will have the primary qualifications. We the citizen are already aware of the lack of curative physicians with specialty skills.

Yet, at the same time, we will all be saddled with a universal condition care that will remain unaffordable and lack the primary coverage we wish to avow a wholesome future. The remaining few coupled with the newly hired will lack the primary technological skills to achieve the specialty surgeries that we have come to expect of our curative community.

What will the future hold for all our citizenry when men's condition standards and women's condition standards begin to be less than we had expected? What will happen to our current senior citizens without the proper curative care? What will happen to all our citizens under this new and unwelcome condition plan? Will we remain in operate of our future health? Will we fall to the level of third world countries?

health Reform and healing Physicians

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