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condition Habits: Prevention's Your Only choice

"Reform" Already Creating Cancer medicine Scarcity

The whole idea behind state-run socialized medicine is to make sure nobody gets anyone that somebody else doesn't get. (Indeed, that's the goal of the progressive movement toward collectivism in general.) That's a change for Americans. Thirty years ago, maybe your grandpa lived a longer life with more vitality because he could afford the best cancer medicine available; meanwhile, mine couldn't, and he didn't. I remember many of us in the late "baby boomer" generation watching cancer ravage our folks and reasoning it couldn't happen to us - because great new cures and smart new doctors were arriving on the scene every day.

Health Care Reforms

Eventually, free market capitalism, with all its inequities and "unfairness," would furnish a healing principles that improves capability and lowers cost-of-treatment for maladies such as cancer. Sure, there'd still be rich grandpas and poor grandpas, but from top-to-bottom, the cancer treatments available to all grandpas would be better. A higher division of grandpas would be able to get excellent medicine previously reserved only for the rich ones.

condition Habits: Prevention's Your Only choice

Why? Because of the behalf motive. If the piquant young aspiring pharmaceutical researcher (or doctor) might get rich doing it, she's going to work hard to create the next great cure for cancer.

But progressive politicians have figured out that they can make you mad about the whole rich-and-poor thing. You're not poor because you didn't work hard or have a great entrepreneurial idea; no, you're poor because The Man is holding you down. So their solution, for which (unfortunately) they've been able to get some retain from a vocal minority, is to take the healing principles into the government's hands, where it can be monitored and purged of inequities. In other words, all grandpas will have access to exactly the same cancer treatments.

But it'll be the one my poor grandpa got... Not the one that saved your rich grandpa's life.

Why? Because fewer piquant young citizen are going to aspire to find the next cancer cure. Doctoring and researching are Hard work, requiring long hours and lots of self-sacrifice if they are to furnish excellent outcomes. Many well-intended progressives point out that citizen become doctors because they're altruistic to begin with, and that's true... But to stay with it long adequate to create the next great explication to problems as thorny as cancer, the best-and-brightest need more motivation than to be locked into a career of hard work as a government laborer who can never break straight through the ceiling of a Gs-whatever making less than six figures a year.

Better to turn that sharp brain toward designing the next great video game instead. You can still get rich doing that (though, eventually, progressives would like to change that, too).

Smart business observers have been worrying about looming shortages of doctors and cures ever since the beginning of the "health care reform" moot in every western nation. The progressives, of course, ridiculed such worries as unfounded. But last month's edition of "Cancer" magazine reports the shortages are real, and they're already upon us.

A narrative in the journal says a shortage of cancer doctors, as well as rising costs of all from x-rays to radiation and chemotherapies (you didn't authentically think costs would go "down" when the market started to anticipate the government's control, did you?) are making capability cancer care increasingly hard to deliver. By 2020, when many of the late baby-boomers will be in the middle of the scary cancer years in America, "Cancer" reports the shortage of cancer-treating oncologists will be between 2,350 and 3,800, which translates to somewhere between 9.5 and 11 million Fewer office visits.

People will still get cancer, though. And unless the "reform" is somehow reversed, the brighter future wherein more patients can get the rich-grandpa medicine for their cancer will be set back at least a generation. And that's just a lot of bad, scary news for those of us who'll be in that government-medicine "window" - in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

I'm sure today's piquant young doctors (and the wise older ones) will do their best, and if cancer medicine gets commonly worse, it won't be their fault. We poor grandpas can blame it on the ashen-grey hand of public administration, rationing care and deepening the very healing problems it purports to solve. But it won't do us any good... We'll be just as dead, just as soon.

Gloomy? Sure. But the new generation of rich grandpas will be the ones who take personal responsibility for their vitality now, before they become most vulnerable to cancer (and other tough ailments). The new rich grandpas will be the ones with health, even more than those who've amassed wealth. So refocus now on your condition habits, especially the five key habits I call "The Newss" - Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sleep, and Supplements. You can't personally keep the government from screwing up the healing system, but you can do a lot to keep yourself out of it.

The old expression "an ounce of prevention is best than a pound of cure" is still in effect, but the numbers need to be inflation-adjusted: "Better pile on pounds of prevention, because by the time you need it, you won't be able to find even an ounce of cure... At any price."

by Michael D. Hume, M.S.

condition Habits: Prevention's Your Only choice

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