Saturday, December 10, 2011

Paul Social Security age may need to be raised

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Republican US Senate candidate Rand Paul said Sunday the age of eligibility for Social Security and Medicare may need to be raised for future recipients. But Paul, speaking during the first televised debate of the general election season with Democratic opponent Jack Conway, said he doesn't want to change those benefits for older people already receiving them. The debate was aired on "Fox News Sunday." "But we do have to admit that we have the baby boom generation getting ready to retire, and we're going to double the amount of retirees," Paul said. "And to put our head in the sand and just say we're just going to keep borrowing more money is not going to work. There will have to be changes for the younger generation." Major issues of the race thus far have been spending, taxes and the size of government. Paul is a favorite of the tea party with his positions for smaller government and a balanced budget. Conway, the state's attorney general, has also appealed to conservatives, describing himself as a fiscally responsible Democrat who understands why voters are frustrated about rising federal spending. Paul and Republican leaders have tried to paint Conway as a clone of the Obama administration. Conway said Sunday that he would have supported "some" of President Barack Obama's initiatives, including the health care overhaul. He said he would have voted against a 0 billion bailout program for troubled financial institutions that was started under ...

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