Sunday, November 13, 2011

condition Care Reform Updates

Mr. Obama's singular most important thing he has done since being in office, as President for the past two years is get the health care bill passed. It was signed into legislation March 23, 2010 in an attempt to fix an ongoing curative dilemma the United States has. It will guarantee that millions of Americans across the Usa will have curative coverage. Not a singular Republican voted for the bill and it has been the President's most controversial move yet. The Republics want to repeal the health care bill.

Both sides know it would be next to impossible to just get rid of the health care bill. In September a number of important parts of the bill came into effect. Insurers are now banned from dropping expensive clients with manifold expensive health issues and pre-existing conditions. You can now also keep your children on your assurance untill they are 26 years old.

Health Care Reforms

Thirty million habitancy who do not have health care coverage will now get coverage. It is some thing that Harry Truman and Bill Clinton tried to do but failed. Mr. Obama will go down in history as the President who complete this great feat that no other President could make happen.

condition Care Reform Updates

Medicaid will get new participants to the tune of 16 million after the new health care becomes a law. Low to middle revenue participants would be subsidized for secret assurance companies. There will be no denial for pre-existing conditions. The law will cost the government 938 billion dollars over the next ten years.

condition Care Reform Updates

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