Thursday, November 17, 2011

The 6 Major Health Care Reforms of 2011

The 6 Major Health Care Reforms of 2011 Tube. Duration : 5.33 Mins.

Health care reform passed congress and was signed into law by President Obama last year, but many of the specific reforms are being rolled out individually on a gradual basis. These are the most significant of the reforms that the government is implementing this year, 20111. -Discount of 50 percent on drugs in the "donut hole" -Free preventive screenings for those enrolled in traditional Medicare plans -National restaurant chains must provide nutritional information -Your child becomes eligible to stay on your insurance until age 26 -Annual limits on health insurance will increase -Bonus of 10 percent to Medicare providers who offer primary care To see the full list of reforms and the details behind each one, click here: A full timeline of health care reforms:

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