Monday, March 21, 2011

Obama's condition Care Reform Bill Vs The Workforce

Everyone can agree that condition care should be made ready to every American. Now that President Obama has signed the bill into law we have yet to view the whole package. Already burdened tax payers will pay dearly for this one as in the end we still pay the cost. Businesses will be required to supply condition coverage for employees. This activity will have anegative impact on the work force as small business will have to scramble for extra funds to pay for condition insurance. A small business owner will have 4 choices.

1) Raise the price of goods or services to compensate for the growth in costs. The end corollary consumers pay the price. Raising prices in a stepping back will slow sales which could lean toward layoffs adding more employees to the unemployment lines

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2) Force employees to pay a greater ration of the cost and opt for a economy course with less coverage. Employees will see less take home pay stretching already tight belts. With less to spend in their pockets we slide added into a depression.

Obama's condition Care Reform Bill Vs The Workforce

3) Lay off a few employees or ice hiring as employees retire to compensate costs. This activity will add workers to the unemployment lines sending us farther into a depression.

4) Start using temp agencies.

With a huge pool of overqualified work force in unemployment temps will be the wave of the future. An boss does not have to supply condition coverage for temporary employees. Every few months the boss will tell the division to send out separate workers so they do not have to hire anyone. Productivity and buyer aid will decline as a corollary of temporary workers. Although they can be good workers, a temporary work force will have to be retrained every few months as they are bounced nearby from workplace to workplace. After a period of time this can have physiological effects on the best of workers.

Introducing a precious condition care reform bill during a deep stepping back is bad politics. In the long run it might just push us into a depression. More job cuts and a added strain on the economy. The government all the time reports new unemployment filings for the month but they do not narrative the numbers whose unemployment benefits ran out and still are out of work. The government will not admit it because they all the time paint a rosy picture. Introducing the condition care bill during a deep stepping back took the focus off the economy to the new field of condition care reform.

Obama's condition Care Reform Bill Vs The Workforce

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