Tuesday, March 22, 2011

health Care Reform Vs health assurance Reform

Health Care reform has been a hot item beginning prior to the most recent Presidential Election.  The Obama Administration, has now moved health Care Reform to the forefront of their agenda.  Regardless of your political affiliation, the unavoidable facts are that costs have continually increased over the last decade.  How should the problem(s) be resolved?

The average person who favors government intervention believes that the reform needed is with health Insurance.  Be faithful not to confuse health Care Reform with health assurance Reform.  The two issues should be completely different, but it seems the Obama administration has focused their energies in solving the health Care Issue by focusing on health Insurance.

Health Care Reforms

While there have been few specific plans for the administration's reform, many experts believe that the reform will involve a major involvement from the government.  While there are factions in this nation that favor a "Nationalized Health-care System", there is equal opposition.  Unfortunately, the collective divide seems to rest within the "class system".  A majority of those families and businesses in the upper-middle to upper class oppose a nationalized system, while the lower-middle to lower class favor a Nationalized Plan.

health Care Reform Vs health assurance Reform

I say to those that favor a Nationalized Plan, be wary of what you wish for!  The question with the divide honestly resides with schooling and communication.  Too often, those in the lower measure of the class law have been conditioned to believe the assurance associates are the big, bad behalf mongers that cause your premiums to increase.  Let's be frank, assurance associates are in business to make money.  However, if you take a look the behalf margins within most health assurance Carriers, you will see that most are lucky to achieve a 10% profit.

If the question with our the "System" is not with the health assurance Carriers, then where should the blame go?  Unfortunately, there is no one cause for the skyrocketing costs.  Rather, there are multitude of issues that have caused our health Care law to come to be the inefficient beast you see today.  There is no one "magic" pill that will fix our system.

If you take a step back and analyze our law as whole, you have to concur that we have the Best health Care Services in the world.  If this were not the case, then why would the world's wealthiest citizen fly colse to the world just to have their curative needs taken care in the United States?  The fact is, wealthy citizen who live in countries with Nationalized health Care Systems do not trust those health Care Providers with habit procedures, much less the more complex ones.

So if we can agree that the health Care Professionals and Facilities are the best in the world, then you should further assume that those individuals providing that care are deserving of anyone money they make.  For my part, I want the guy who is about to open my chest up to achieve heart surgery to be paid like a surgeon, and not a garbage man.  So how do we fix our system?

The first thing is to focus on the real problem.  The real question is with the inefficiencies present in the system, not with the assurance Industry.  There are cost savings available through the efficiencies that can be made through the use of technology.  By gaining the cost savings within the law itself, health Care Providers (not the actual Professionals) do not have to payment as much money.  That means the health assurance Carriers do not have to pay as much to the Providers.  Guess what!  That means the health assurance Carriers do not have to payment as much in premium.  Finally, Joe & Jackie Blow do not have to pay as much for health Insurance!

President Obama, focus on the real question of fixing our system, and health assurance Premiums will come to be more affordable.

health Care Reform Vs health assurance Reform

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