Sunday, January 1, 2012

Anti Healthcare Protest - Town Hall Health Care Reform Protesters - Tea Party Rally

Anti Healthcare Protest - Town Hall Health Care Reform Protesters - Tea Party Rally Video Clips. Duration : 6.48 Mins.

Stag News footage of the Tea Party protesters from an 8/29/09 town hall meeting concerning health care reform. There's also a "Billionaires for Wealthcare" cameo. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Featured On: Frontline: Obama's Deal IFC's Media Project The ED Show (MSNBC) The Huffington Post, The Ron Reagan Show (Air America),,,,,,,, Key Words: Angry Spring Valley Republicans Democrats Nationalized Universal Public Option Marxist Hitler Abortion Nazi Brown Shirts Storm Troopers Acorn Sean Hannity Glen Beck Mike Savage Fox News CNN Bill O'Reilly Rationing Death Panels Euthanasia Aarp Seniors Private Government Spending Hidden Mandate Abortion Taxes Medicare Medicade Hospitals Health Angry Shouting Yelling Screaming Arguing Protest Unconstitutional Protesters Billionaires For Wealthcare Screaming Yelling Shouting Biting Off Finger Bitten Bites Tenthers Birthers Movement San Diego Tea Party Kick Off Rally October 25th 10/25 Teabaggers USS Constitution The Ed Show Psycho Talk MSNBC Stag News StagNews 912 Project

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