Monday, October 31, 2011

The supervene of the New condition Care Reform Bill on Your guarnatee Premiums

The new health care reform bill set up by President Obama is being signed today in the White House after months of being passed between the House and Senate. Now that the bill is passed more citizen are curious: How will this bill sway my insurance premiums? My family coverage? My family funds and American families in general?

The health care reform bill has two sets of coverage; items that will take corollary immediately (within the next three months to a year) and reforms that won't take corollary until 2014. The health care bill says that by the end of 2014, 32 million more Americans will have curative insurance. However, the bill is projected to cost 8 billion. Where will this money be advent from? Find out below:

Health Care Reforms

The health care bills sway on the midpoint American

The supervene of the New condition Care Reform Bill on Your guarnatee Premiums

* The effect, if any, is unclear as to how the bill will sway rising out-of-pocket curative costs and premiums

* Uninsured families production a combined family revenue between 133-400% of the federal poverty level (between ,327-,200 to date) will be eligible for superior subsidies through new state-run insurance exchanges

* beginning in 2014, those who do not have the required insurance coverage will pay or 1% of their every year income, whichever is higher. The penalty will rise with the passing of years, reaching a maximum of 5, or 2%, of the every year income

* Families who fall below the income-tax filing threshold will not owe anyone extra on their insurance premiums, nor will citizen who can't find a course that does exceeds 8% of their income

* Households production only 133% of the federal poverty level (about ,327 to date) for a family of four is eligible for the extended Medicaid schedule available

* Premiums will be capped at a division of income, ranging from 3-9.5%

* beginning in 2013, flexible spending accounts, which allow users to escape taxes on many curative expenses now, will be limited. There will be a ,500 maximum on accounts that typically carry ,000 or ,000 limits now, and you will no longer be able to use the accounts for over-the-counter medicines

The corollary of the health care bill on affluent families

* Individuals production 0,000,or couples production an revenue of over 0,000, will pay an additional 3.8% tax on their speculation revenue (this can mean extra thousands more on taxes)

* These same citizen will lead more to the Medicare schedule from their now non-taxed payroll tax

The health care bills sway on insurance companies

* Eventually, the most high-priced insurance policies will be subject to an added tax

* In 2018, employers offering insurance plans with total insurance premiums of ,200 for singles or ,500 for families will be subject to a 40% tax on excess premiums. This tax will be on the insurers, but experts say the insured will see this tax in the form of higher premiums or lower benefits.

The supervene of the New condition Care Reform Bill on Your guarnatee Premiums

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