Wednesday, September 14, 2011

health Care For Golden Boomers

The Baby Boomer generation is about to become the Golden Boomer generation. For the most part these Americans are active and wholesome as they enter their golden years, but they may be hard pressed to find healthcare providers and health professionals that are able to meet the demands of the large numbers that are becoming eligible for Medicare and becoming a growing burden on an already over-taxed healthcare system. To top it off, now they have to worry about ObamaCare and a questionable economy that has put them all at risk of being unable to enjoy their resignation to its fullest. Add to that the growth in life expectancy and the whole of relatively older American citizens will continue to multiply. And while the numbers of the aged continue to rise, the whole of geriatricians, those who take care of the elderly, is declining, which may maybe effect in a healthcare emergency for our aging Baby Boomers that will be intolerable.

So, what is the acknowledge to this looming problem? How in the world can Boomers expect to deal with these growing problems when the course makers have waited far too long to address a failing healthcare system, only to ram it down America's throats in a desperate endeavor to keep a campaign promise? Did anything hear anything in regard to ObamaCare about how the needs of an aging America will be met? We obviously need to at least train the healthcare workforce in the needs of an aging populace, but how do you make that happen when so many doctors will suffer the negative repercussions of health care reform?

Health Care Reforms

How do you keep doctors from leaving and how do you attract new doctors, when those who have depended upon the Medicare system, and have therefore catered to the elderly, are faced with a decline in Medicare reimbursement? Instead of an growth in geriatricians, Boomers can expect to see a marked decrease in the whole of specialists in this area, which is already mightily stressed and understaffed. Unfortunately, with the advent of the new health care bill, the future is unpredictable when it comes to curative care for the Golden Boomers.

health Care For Golden Boomers

They can only hope that with the advent elections their representatives in congress will hear their pleas and will understand that as this remarkably large whole of Americans age and as their health fails that the economy of this United States may fail right along with the Boomers. The whole of Boomers is not insignificant, nor have their numbers ever been so. They have shaped the world and the decline of the U.S. People of Boomers, if that is allowed to happen, will also be felt worldwide.

health Care For Golden Boomers

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