Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Puerto Ricans protest mass gov't layoffs

Puerto Ricans protest mass gov't layoffs Video Clips. Duration : 3.45 Mins.

pr.indymedia.org www.radioisla1320.com Radio Live Broadcaste (Download Player) www.radioisla1320.com www.caribbeanbusinesspr.com Health Reform In America Congress is trying to push the people of Puerto Rico from actually having Health Care Reforms! Imperialism at is worst............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREE PUERTO RICO NOW! www.postchronicle.com ACLU reported on the current situation in Puerto Rico following the protest that may lead to massive unrest. The story describes the use of civil disobedience proclaimed as an act of terrorism by Gov. Fortuno. No link is available. ACLU rips officials for citing 'terrorism' in general strike - Puerto Rico Daily Sun - 08/10/09 Front Page Photo - Puerto Rico Daily Sun by Humberto Trias: More than 1000 activists participated in a march organized by the Popular Democratic Party in Old San Jaun on Wednesday to protest the Fortuño administration's public policy of reducing the size of the government through layoffs. The protesters, headed by 20 government employees who received their dismissal letters, walked from Plaza Colón to La Fortaleza carrying signs saying "Give me back my job" and "We want to work." Front Page Headline: Mitigation plan ready - Daco, retail associations say there will be food, gas during strike BY EVA LLORENS VELEZ - DaiIy Sun staff - ellorens@prdailysun.net The Fortuño administration is trying to scare public workers into not participating in the Oct. 15 general strike with its threats that protesters ...

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